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I started off with a pre painted background. I painted the entire canvas grey before we started. And then put the outline on there with transfer paper.

With a 1″ Flat brush, I painted the bottom of the van Tuscan Red.

With a clean brush use Hauser Dark Green and blob in the trees in the background. “Blobbing” is very technical! JK

Using the same dirty brush pick up some pick up some Festive Green and fill in the Christmas Tree. I find making little zig-zags makes the tree look like branches.  

Using a round brush and Dark Chocolate paint, paint the tree trucks of the background trees and the Christmas tree trunk. Then paint the van tires black.

I paint the top of the bus and windows white. Make sure you don’t forget where the window outline is. I outlined it in black so I wouldn’t forget.

Next I used a chip brush and smoosh white paint the ground for snow. Once again, “Smoosh” is very technical.

A small round brush or liner brush works well to paint the bumpers and rims silver. 

Blob on a layer of Festive green over the trees in the background. Let some of the darker green show on top. Add some yellow green and go crazy. The yellow green will make the trees POP!

Get your 1” Flat brush and add some Metallic Festive Green to the top of the Christmas tree. Use as much as you want. Add red rope that ties down the tree. The rope lines should have a little curve in it. Not a straight line.

Back to my liner brush, I outlined the van, door and bumpers in black. Also outline the Christmas tree. Create a light string. Just a bunch of “smiley faces”.

You can take a little silver and add highlights in the bus windows. 

I took a brush handle dipped in white paint and dotted on some falling snow. 

I painted a small wreath on the van door. Use two different Green colors for contrast and add some cute red berries. I ended up adding a monogram initial in the wreath. For me, it’s an “E”.

Paint a little silver rectangle as the light sockets. Add then I added little lights in teal.

Blob on some white snow in the trees with a round brush. Add some on top of the Christmas tree too. Take your liner brush and add white highlights to the tires and bumpers. These little highlights will make your van look SO CUTE!

Get your glitter glue out and go crazy! Finger painting works best. Cover the Christmas tree. Adding Snow-Tex is a fun detail too. 

Give the tree trucks a little highlight with Gold on the left sides of the background trees. A liner brush works best. 

Take your liner brush and add some highlights around the Bus body, light string, bottom of the Christmas tree and add a door handle. 

Can you believe how simple this was?!