Wanderlust means a strong desire to travel. 

I’m pretty sure someone made that word up for me.  

Most of my days are spent thinking of my next painting adventure or a place my family can go explore.   We are always up for some fun and the Junk-O-Rama Prom, hosted by the Junk Gypsies has always been a dream of mine.  

For many years I’ve written the dates of each prom on the calendar and disappointedly watched as they happened, but didn’t attend.   Life & health issues surprising us at every turn.  

Not this year, though.   It will be different.   Things will happen.   Adventure will happen.   


With my family and a best friend in tow we pick out silly outfits and strategically plan the day like it was a secret mission!

Decorated Top Hats and tons of enthusiasm we make a quick stop at the JGHQ’s to take a few pictures.

Then off to Prom.

Texas country music playing in the midst of vintage stores all decorated in Christmas lights under tents in a field of dirt and grass makes my soul sing.

I have found my happy place.     

People dressed up from all walks of life having a good time.   

Ladies all dressed in white honoring their friend who just passed away with cancer taking pictures together.   

Old women in flamingo hats running around like teenagers grinning and laughing as we jump in their picture.   

My daughter dressed in Steampunk taking the seat of an WWII cargo plane as Rock Me Momma was playing from a band just steps away.  

Miranda Lambert hanging out taking pictures of a friend of hers.   I play it cool and keep walking so we are not those “crazy fans”.   

How Great Thou Art being played as people sing along in unison to the top of their lungs.   

Free Tacos and Tequila at a vendor booth right off the beaten path.   We share a meal and stories as we take a small break from the crowd.   

My husband smiling from ear to ear as he buys a Van de Graaf Electro-Static Generator and then someone wants his picture because it looks like he won the trophy for Prom King.   

Disco Alley is a sight like none other as we walk under the lights and people watch.   

Smiling with aliens.  Dancing with Strangers.  Chandeliers and dirt floors.  

Magical is a word I would strongly use to describe this night.  

There are a few places in this world where I feel like I belong, and this…. this magical place…. is one of them.  

Good ‘ol Country music and Cowboy boots in the middle of a pasture where nobody is a stranger.   I’m thankful for this place.  I’m thankful for Texas.  I’m thankful for the hippies and the cowboys… 

Until next time… 

Everybody is Somebody at the Junk-O-Rama Prom.