We will Remember this Moment Forever - Texas Art and Soul - Create a Paint Party Business Online

When everything is stripped away… all the things that once mattered so much don’t mean as much anymore.

Life has shifted.

Priorities changed.

This time will be historic regardless of how you feel.

We will remember this moment forever and how we chose to spend this time.

Recently talking to a friend about how the past few weeks have slowed down her family.

She was thankful for the peace that it brought even in the midst of uncertainty. I found comfort knowing that she felt a bit of room to breathe.

Then I thought about my family and how things in my life have sped up.

It made me realize that every family in the world is having a different experience through this time even if we are all going through the same thing.

As each day goes by I realize how short life is and how much my 100 list means to me. How much I want to make sure I do everything I can to work towards those plans, goals, and dreams.

What are you going to do with the next year of your life? Five years? What about 10 years?

If you’re unsure… take the challenge. I explain everything in this FB Live! Get a friend to join the fun and create your 100 list.

Instead of just hoping things happen… let’s make a plan and dream big!