What are you struggling with as 2020 is in full force?   

We all have something.   Is it fear, being unseen, unheard, unappreciated?   Is it the pressure of a new start, but still feeling like things will never change?  

The pressure and fear to succeed can be so unbearable that throwing our hands in the air and just staying comfortable are easier.   But I don’t think that is what God wants for us.   

I took a training recently and it was all about gratitude.   Gratitude for the things that were good and bad last year and then how to appreciate them, have gratitude, and move forward.   They had us write a thank you letter to someone important in our lives and also a thank you letter to ourselves.   

I easily wrote the thank you letter to my husband, but I struggled writing the one to myself.  

It’s because I put so much pressure on myself.    Do you do that too?  

How is it we can give everyone around us grace, but ourself.  

So I decided to share my personal letter to my husband and encourage you to write your own.   It can be to a friend or family member or anyone really who is important to you.   It’s so important that we always remember gratitude in everything we do.   

Here goes… 


My hunny… my high school sweet heart… the love of my life.   The father of my sweet child!  

Without you this last year would not have been possible.   I cherish all the trips we got to take like my 40th B-day, I cherish the Harry Potter World and springs trip, and I even cherish the excitement of the Ski Trip.  

Without you I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for it this year.    You have a way of showing me that I can do anything.   You always build me up and support my goals and dreams and I’m forever thankful. 

Without you I wouldn’t have pursued this paint party thing. I am so thankful you believe in me more than I believe in myself and I hope I can always return that favor. 

Without you I wouldn’t have someone to ride endless rollercoasters with, someone to act stupid with and set crazy impossible dreams and goals.   

Without you my life would be meaningless.   

I am the happiest person because when I think about the past you are all I see and when I think about the future my heart is overwhelmed with all of the possibilities we get to share. All of the experiences, trips, love… ALL with you!   Forever.   

I am forever grateful for you and the way you love me.   I pray that God always guides us and helps us to remember how important we are to each other. 

Thank you for making my life so much fun!   

I love you!


I share this very personal letter with you to encourage you to write a letter to someone that means the world to you!   Let them know how you feel!   We don’t know what tomorrow brings, but today we can appreciate the people we love right now!