When I was 20 years old I was so frustrated with my life. Bobby and I had been married over 2 years and I was about to turn 21 in a couple of months.

We lived in an old beat up trailer right on a river that had wholes everywhere and I found too many snakes to count!

It was awful! Every time I found one I would move to my parents house for a couple of weeks. I prayed more than I’ve ever prayed in my life and was so terrified every time I went to bed.

I have 100 stories I could share, including a water moccasin that came flying at my head above the washing machine, a giant rat snake the length of my bathtub…. and ON MY BATHTUB when I found him… copper head under the sink and many more.

It was so bad!!! I was terrified, frustrated and newly married.

We had a choice. I could continue to live with the snakes or I could start again.

So… we packed up all our crap and headed to Panama City Beach! Bobby has a jacked up red truck at the time and strapped his dirt bike on the back of what looked like the Beverly Hillbillies headed to FL!

We moved with only a few hundred dollars and a family member who gave us use of there trailer for one month while we found jobs.

It wasn’t easy and I still remember looking for change in our cars so we could buy food. We didn’t even think about job checks taking a few weeks to come in.

But man… I was soooo happy!!!! Hungry, but happy! I had hope again. I had a new adventure, new challenge, new people to meet! And a beautiful ocean to look at any time I was scared!

And… away from that place with the snakes! ????

How many times in life have you been frustrated with your situation and then thought about what you could do to change it?

We have a new chance every single day!!!! If you don’t love what your day looks like start to make small changes. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as moving 4 states away to get away from snakes, but just know everyday we have a choice.

We either choose to accept it or try to find ways to change it.