Now, I know what your thinking… she uses Facebook all the time.   I do…. and I have a love / hate relationship with it.

Last year I discovered that I have adult ADHD.   My husband looked at me strange and said “you are just now discovering this”.    Apparently he knew it all along, but didn’t want to label me.    Maybe following the trail I leave around the house was just one indication.

Most of my days go like this:   I get up and do the normal brush your teeth and get ready bit, but immediately get side tracked.   “Oh, I should start the dishwasher” and then as I start to load the dishwasher I turn on the griddle to cook my daughter french toast.  After letting the dog out I throw in laundry and then start to make a list of groceries for the day.   Then my mind wanders to an art project I need to complete!   As I jot that down on my white board in the art office I realize that paint needs to be ordered and Pixie’s school uniforms still don’t have monograms so I make a little note of that and then check my Paypal to see if I should order today.    With a quick yell to wake up my daughter I then realize the dog is jumping on the door to get in and the house is about to burn down because I forgot about the french toast.

Wait… wasn’t I supposed to load the dishwasher!?!? 

When Facebook is thrown in to the mix it can really get me off track!   Facebook can start my mind on a whole new track that my adult ADHD cannot always handle.    From keeping up with all my old friends to discovering new ones my brain sometimes can’t take all the connections and it starts to shut down!   It can really stifle my creativity!

This is why I love painting!    It’s the place that I can let my mind wonder and create!   

I feel at peace with a brush and canvas and know that for that hour or more I will be calm and content.   

So, let’s take a day off from Facebook!    Let’s take a break from social media… not forever… but just for a day.   Try it and see if you gain some clarity on other things in your life that you may have time for.

Like making sure you don’t burn the house down while making french toast!