This weekend I was teaching a painting class at The Covered Bridge Inn in Weatherford, TX.   Wow, this place is amazing!    The house is gorgeous and the owners Sandra & Jim are so sweet!    Oh, and the food….I just can’t get enough of their cooking!   I told the owners I’m going to bring my whole family and start hovering outside around dinner time like a stray dog looking for scraps!

The food is THAT good!!!  

Anyway, the reason I write today is because of a lady named Betty.    She is 70 years old and was in my painting class this weekend…. barely!

What I mean by barely… is because she didn’t even sit down to paint until about 10 minutes after we started.    (The class was a surprise by one of the church goers)  I walked over to her as she was taking pictures of the group painting and asked “Are you going to paint with us?”

She said “No, I get so much anxiety and I can’t do it!”    I could see the hurt in her eyes.   She was almost tearing up.  She mentioned that it goes way back when people would make fun of her about her art when she was young.

I excitedly said


After some encouragement and hesitation she began to paint!  She was really into it!   She played with the colors… mixed a new turquoise color and had a blast adding finishing touches!   She was beaming!

Now, this is why I LOVE teaching art!!!!   I love seeing someone who has never painted have fun.   I love seeing how painting can help heal the soul.   I love seeing the unexpected person come just because a friend dragged her along and freak out at the end because she did so well.   I love seeing people who have painted their whole life let loose and just ENJOY THE PROCESS!    Don’t worry so much about what it looks like…. Enjoy how the process makes you feel! 

I love this quote:  Beer is cheaper than therapy.   I like to say…

Painting is cheaper than therapy!!!   


So, let’s get out there an paint people!    Join me at one of my LIVE EVENTS this season!    Grab a friend or two and join the fun.    Remember… it’s all about the process of letting go!