You’re not Crazy.  

Sometimes you may feel crazy and sometimes your family and friends will think you’re crazy. 

 But you’re not. 

 If you’re like me, you feel in your gut… deep in your soul that there is something you are supposed to do! It’s like God is telling you that there is something more you are supposed to pursue. 

 Some people call it drive. Others call it an obsession.  

Whatever you want to call it…. it doesn’t go away.  

Yes, for maybe a short time if you push it aside and try to continue life as normal… and maybe for a short time if you convince yourself that you are content.  

But it always creeps up… this desire, this feeling that won’t escape.

  It keeps you up at night wondering what if. 

 It makes you cringe knowing that there is something more, but unsure how to create it! Unsure of what to do next.  

You’re not crazy.  

You’re not alone.  

There’s more of you out there.  

If you are feeling in your gut…. your soul…. that obsession that you must do more… that there is more… then let me help you. 

 I felt crazy at times. I felt alone. But I also felt this obsession that I must keep trying. I knew God was leading me on a path, but I didn’t know where it would take me. 

 I’ve been there… and I’ll show you everything I know!Over the next 6 weeks let’s dive in deep to figure out what you want to do online and I’ll show you the steps to set the foundation. 

 This is NOT something that happens overnight… but the obsession and drive doesn’t go away either so why not put it to good use! 

 Today is the LAST day to sign up for Paint Party Outer Limits! If you want to use that obsession towards building something online…. let me help you.   Last chance to sign up 

 This will be the ONLY time I’m offering this course this year. If you feel it in your bones… that drive… that obsession… let me help you.  

Extremely Grateful,

PS:  Sign up HERE.  

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