Can you believe it’s 3rd of anniversary of Paint Party Headquarters?  So, all week I’ll be teaching you all sorts of fun Paint Party Business tips and some great paintings. Today we are going to paint this super fun Tiki Hut painting from the membership and I’m going to tell you 3 things you need to know about starting a paint party business.

Now, the doors to Paint Party Headquarters are open but for just for a limited time. You can join here. You will get access to this Tiki Hut painting tutorial to use for your paint party business and many more. Not to mention all the training you need to start making money teaching paint parties in person, online and with art kits.

acrylic painting of a tiki hut on the beach by Heidi Easley with a dog

The 3 things you need to know before starting a paint party business

1 – You do not need to be the best painter

You definitely do not need to be the best painter to teach paint parties or even sell art kits. I promise, you do not need an Art Degree. I teach you how to do FUN art. Plus, in PPHQ I provide everything you need for each painting. You get a step-by-step painting tutorial, complete supply list, tracer and marketing materials. Plus, all of the paintings are BEGINNER paintings!

2 – You do not need zillions of paintings ready to go

I used to think I needed a zillion paintings ready to go, just in case. Coming up with the next, newest on trend design was easily the hardest part of my paint party business. That’s where a Paint Party Headquarters membership comes in. We give you a new on-trend painting each month with everything you need to paint, teach and market the painting for in person and online paint parties and for art kits. This especially comes in handy when you are working full-time and just starting your paint party business journey!

3 – You do not need all the supplies in the world

I teach you a profit every party. You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of pretty new paint brushes or easels get aprons embroidered with your logo. You don’t even need an official logo! Just get the supplies you need for that one party. As you start having more parties and making more money then, you can get fancy aprons and easels if you want them.

Heidi Ealsey taking a picture of her paintings for social media

What you get with a Paint Party Headquarters Membership

When you sign up you get every design I create. You’ll even get the paintings I create on Texas Art & Soul. You not only get the painting but you get a step-by-step tutorial, supply list, tracer and all the necessary marketing materials. That’s a new painting every month! You’ll get bonus SVGs and a magic script on how to book paint parties. Plus marketing training and social media training.

You also become part of a community of people just like you! A community of paint party business owners at various stages, we have people just learning to paint to money making artists. The community is there to help you and support you. You’ll get access to monthly brainstorming sessions and accountability groups. We even have a monthly prayer and gratitude meeting!

Don’t miss your opportunity to join

I don’t want you to miss out if you have been thinking about starting a paint party business. I don’t just teach paintings on canvas, I also teach you how to paint wood door hangers, porch leaners and ceramics.

Join Paint Party Headquarters here.

I’d love to hear from you text me here and tell me where you are in your paint party business journey!

Learn how to paint the Tiki Hut in the video below

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