Do you believe that you reflect an energy?   

Do you think that your soul has a spirit?

I used to never really think about or even consider this stuff until…

Several years ago an elementary student said that me and another teacher looked exactly alike.   Now let me explain… the teacher they were referring too has long dark brown hair, a few inches shorter than me and was a 1st grade teacher.   I brushed it off with a “they don’t know what they are talking about” smile and then went about my business.   A few days later another student said the same thing.

Here’s what we had in common… Our attitude, our energy!   We are both very positive people and are always smiling.   I hadn’t thought much of that moment until a few years later and it happened again!

Now I’m working at a totally different school (closer to home) and we had the Boosterthon people come in for fundraising.   There was a team leader that was very energetic and positive and was always smiling.   She too had dark brown hair and way taller than me, but what we had in common was our attitude, our smile and our positive energy.    Students again commented about how we looked alike.

I know this sounds weird, but after having two similar instances (and kids don’t lie – most of the time) I really feel like people can feel your energy more than actually seeing the way a person looks.

I now totally believe that our spirit shines way brighter than our outward appearance.   

Since those instances I always keep that in mind when I’m teaching a class or showing a little extra grace to a frustrated student.

I know that the simple act of being kind will go way further than the perfect technique. 

The reason I tell you this story is because I feel so strongly that ART has helped my spirit and soul thrive!   Everyday I’m thankful for this passion and am always thinking of the next big project I can create or a new project I want to try.