Are you intentional?

Do you know what that means exactly?   It means done on purpose; deliberate.   Synonyms are:  Calculated, conscious, intended, meant, studied, knowing, willful, purposeful, etc…

Are you living your live intentionally?   We reap what we sow is often a negative statement, but it also applies to positive areas in our life as well.

So many people think change and habits should happen overnight.   

I always like to think back to when my family had so much financial struggle.   We didn’t get that way overnight!   We made small (and sometimes large) choices each day that lead us to loosing our house and having to start all over again.

My habits were wrong!   I wasn’t intentional with my money.   I learned that lesson the hard way and I’m so thankful to God that I learned in that lesson in my 20’s so I would make better decisions in the future.

My point is:   Habits take time!   Change takes small steps each day to reach towards your goal.   If you are a creative person and want to make that a part of your life then take that small step!   You don’t have to set yourself up for failure and try to be Michelangelo the first day!   Just relax and be thankful knowing you are on the path to your awesomeness!

You playing small doesn’t serve the world, your family or God!   

Do something great today!  Remember… the small daily ACTIONS are what lead us to our goal.   

Oh, and those of you that saw the process of my Family Portraits – Day of the Dead Style – Here are the finished product.    The painting behind me is my family and the one I’m holding is for a family in Los Angeles California!    I had so much fun making this for their anniversary!    I’m also taking orders now for Christmas presents so please reply to this email if interested.