What are you terrified of?    I know you have something you are scared of… but maybe afraid to admit to yourself or others.  

Well, the girl below is me… and I used to be terrified of everything!   I got married as soon as I turned 18 and Bobby used to work late.   Being from a big family I was ALWAYS surrounded by people.   I used to call my mom at night while Bobby was working and lay on the couch covered in blankets trying to be as quiet as possible.   I was so terrified someone was going to break in and attack me.    

Can you relate?   

Same thing with driving on big roads.  I was TERRIFIED!  I would almost close my eyes as I approached freeways and Bobby would frantically yell… WATCH THE ROAD!   The merge was the scariest.   

 Fast forward a couple of decades and this girl you see in the photo isn’t scared of much.   I owe it all to lots of bumps and bruises, disappointments, blood, sweat, tears, health scares, losses, failures… so many failures! 

  You see, our past is important.   It shows us how far we’ve come.   It helps us measure our success moving forward.  It shows how strong we are and what we can endure if we just keep moving forward.    

Reflecting on the new decade to come I am looking forward to conquering more goals, but with way less fear.   

 Having been there before… I know for certain FEAR is a LIAR!   

 What’s holding you back?   

 What do you want to accomplish this year, or even this NEXT DECADE? 

  Let’s remember that God is in control and if we put our trust in Him, HE can use us to do amazing wonderful things on this earth. 

 Let go of what’s holding you back in 2019. 

 Let’s be Fearless!  

Let’s Set Impossible Goals!   

And let’s do it all for God’s glory!  

 Extremely Grateful,Heidi  PS:  If you haven’t seen the Free 15 Minute Masterclass yet on how to book your first paint party… check it out HERE!  You’ll love it!