How many of you love being able to do an art room makeover on your painting space? I know I do! I am so excited to be renovating my art studio, which has been a long time coming. And, I can’t wait to take you all along with me!

By the way, I’d love any input you can offer! Text me any ideas you might have for the studio space! I’d love some more inspiration!

Art Room Makeover: What We’re Doing

For years I painted on my kitchen table because I had no designated painting space. That is why I am so overwhelmingly thankful for the room that I now have to create and enjoy my art!

Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a specific place to paint yet. We all have to start somewhere, and anywhere that you CAN paint is a GOOD place to paint!!

There are a few renovations that we are doing to my art studio, and I’m thrilled to share the process with you guys. I can’t tell you how excited I am to start painting in a refreshed space!

surf mural on art studio wall

Here’s what we have planned so far: 

Hanging a Chandelier

One of the bigger tasks that we are going to do in this art room makeover is hanging a chandelier. This will be installed by my very helpful husband!

I’ve always loved chandeliers and wanted to have one in my art space. I think that it will really add a touch of wow!!

bottles acrylic craft paint sorted by color

Art Room Makeover Organization

One task that needs to be tackled so badly is organizing supplies! I have so many different paints, brushes, papers, and all other kinds of assorted crafts that need a place to live.

Hopefully, we can organize all of those items, and I can actually keep everything in their place! I know that I can’t be the only one who struggles to keep their paint supplies in order!

Painting the Walls

I decided to paint the walls blue to change up the feel of the space and give the walls a fresh look. It just seems right to have an art studio full of color rather than white walls all around.

This will probably be the most time-intensive task since so many items will need to be moved away from the walls, and the floor will need to be covered. Thankfully, I have plenty of willing helpers! 😉

Make it Filming-Friendly 

Another thing that we are working on is making the space better for filming my painting tutorials. One way we are doing this is by steadying the table where I paint, as well as replacing the chairs.

I have wanted to replace the chairs for a long time. Now, you won’t have to look at the tall back of my kitchen chair anymore!

So, that’s the plan! I’d love to hear any of your suggestions! Also, you can head to my Facebook page to find videos where I show some of the progress that we have made so far on my art studio makeover.

Video Tour

Want to see the space in action? Warning – things are a little chaotic right now!

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