Bankrupt to Successful Business Owner | 3 Tips - Texas Art and Soul - Create a Paint Party Business Online

Here are 3 tips on how I went from bankrupt to a successful and highly profitable business owner! It’s okay to work another job while you build! It takes time to build your business and this helps takes the pressure off!

Really think about what is driving you? Everyone’s definition of success is different. Mine is being able to buy groceries without worrying about the bill at checkout.

It’s okay to be afraid to fail. I fail ALL the time… still to this day! Half the battle of entrepreneurship is failing and getting back up! You have to be a problem solver and keep innovating in your business

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If you’re ready to make a step towards owning your own business, remember to believe in yourself and your abilities. Many artists let excuses and fear stop them from even trying. But, the resources and information is out there!

Establishing yourself in the artist community and making a living from your work is not going to happen overnight, but it can be SO rewarding!

It takes planning, time, effort, dedication, and a devotion to lifelong learning. So, what is the next step? Great question!… You’re already thinking like an artrepreneur!