Have you ever painted a butterfly?  I’m going to paint, what will hopefully transform into beautiful butterfly. But more importantly while I’m painting I’m going talk to about something I learned the other day about transformation. BIG transformations, from small changes.

A lot of us have experienced BIG transformations in our life. Things like, births, deaths and divorce. Maybe you are like us and experience bankruptcy like we did 10 years ago. I even know some of us have experienced a huge health issue we weren’t prepared for.

colorful butterfly painting

Transformations Big & Small

Our Pastor brought up transformation in church recently.  He said you know, we all have times in our lives when we knew something would be different, right? Like, this BIG moment where we knew everything would change.  Sometimes we look at these as the only transformations we have in our life. But, it’s so NOT TRUE!  They really happen in the small stuff.

During our life there are the small transformations that we don’t even know we are doing.  Maybe we changed a habit or the way we think and 10 years later it’s completely changed our lives.

For example, those of you that are wanting to start painting or maybe start a paint party business or even craft online.  We think this huge thing needs to happen for us to be successful.  What we forget is it is the small steps that we take every single day that all the sudden we look back on our life and realize the transformation from those small steps.

butterfly painting in art studio

Small Transformations Lead to BIG Transformations

You know, we just got back from Florida. We were actually there for my Moms funeral.  It was a huge transformational moment in my life.  When we lived in Florida we lived in this cute little pink house that we lost when we filed bankruptcy. We decided to drive by and see it.  Well, they working on it and wasn’t pink anymore, it was gray. Though it made me sad that they changed the color I knew it wasn’t our house anymore.

Seeing the house made me remember that this is what birthed my surfboard business, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I didn’t have be a starving artist anymore.  I could take small steps to make that transformation.

Sharing Our Gifts

When I was at church recently our pastor said something that was really cool that I think that that I want to repeat to you and I want you to not misquote me. He made sure to say that to me. Because he said people will misquote this statement and I want to I want to read you what he was saying. He was talking about sharing our gifts, and I love how I love how we as artists, and we as creators, get to share our gifts, right? And he talked about how you know so many of us say, we put God first we first and then our family and last our vocation. He was talking about our spiritual gifts, like what is your message, gift, purpose? And how can you find that out?

acrylic craft paint on canvas butterfly canvas

What is Your Gift?

If you are unsure what your gift is, ask a friend.  Usually a friend will go, oh my gosh, you are so good at this or you can encourage people or you’re really good at painting. Then he went on to say that instead of God first, then family then vocation. God should be first in all things. What does he mean by that? God should be first in our life. Make your whole life worship. God is our life and in to all parts of our life. 

I love that, a lot of times we can be these people that go to church and pray when we feel like we need to pray.  God is always with us, not just when we choose.

No matter what vocation you are in or where you are working, nurse, grocery store, teacher.  God is in all of it.  How can we share God’s love? How can I use what I’ve gone through to help someone else heal and not feel alone?

butterfly painting

Sharing My Gift

You know, one of the reasons that I painted the butterfly live for you all is because I made a commitment to make my life different. I made a commitment to make paint parties happen, and this wonderful online business happen and to be here for y’all and to show you hope, and Art and Healing through art and through painting.

If I didn’t show up, I wouldn’t be honoring my commitment. And I want you all to know that there is a time in our life when you know, we have these huge transformations. But then there’s times when we’re just ready, we want a change.

We wake up one day and we go I will not have my life be the same. I will take small steps to whatever goal that is.  I always hit the snooze button.  And I knew I couldn’t have the business that I have if I kept hitting the snooze button. So, I made a commitment to not hit the snooze button for a year. I made that commitment because I wanted my business to change and grow. And I knew if I could that I could do anything.

heidi easley with her colorful butterfly painting

Transformations Happen With Daily Habits

Think about the small stuff, the daily habits. Because this is when transformations happen. They happen in the daily habit. Comment on this post and let me know what is one thing that you have committed to. Is it not hitting the snooze button, taking a walk each day?

Just like this butterfly painting, we started with a blank white canvas and took small steps to paint this beautiful butterfly! I could have worked on this painting for several hours making changes and adding to it. But sometimes you need to take a second to breath or regroup.  And over time it will be completely transformed!

If you want to paint this butterfly you can watch me paint it in the video below.  Want to paint along with me LIVE? Click here to Text me and get notified!

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Watch me paint the butterfly and talk about transformations in this video:


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