If there’s one thing that I could encourage every single business owner out there to work on, it’d be building a great mindset. A mindset can build (or break) your business – it’s that vital! Here’s what you need to know about building a mindset for the life and business you want.

I am a HUGE believer in the power of having a great mindset. In fact, I’ve read practically every book out there on how to build your positive entrepreneurial mindset. It’s also part of my daily routine to create habits for myself that allow me to practice how my thinking can create outcomes that can totally change my life. I know it sounds a little out there, but I PROMISE it works!

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3 Tips for Building a Great Mindset

I’ve been using mindset tricks and motivation to propel my business on for a decade. I really, truly believe in the power of a great mindset and want to share my top tips and tricks with you!

I even wrote an ebook all about mindset building. This is a completely free download – my gift to you and your business! Download my free mindset ebook here.

Now, onto the tips (these are all expanded upon greatly in the ebook!)

Building a strong mindset for artists
  1. Look at what you are allowing to influence you. Every day, hundreds (if not thousands) of messages penetrate our minds. Sometimes we have no control over these, but often we do! For example, what shows are you watching? And more importantly, how do you feel once you do watch those shows? Do they lift you up or leave you feeling scared and anxious?
  2. Look at who you are allowing to have influence over you. Have you ever heard the theory that you are the combination of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with? So, that leads to…who are you allowing into your life? Are they speaking life and joy over you? Or do you feel constantly defeated after a conversation with them?
  3. Choose gratitude…every single time! This is my favorite tip…choose gratitude! Notice I say “choose” because so many times that’s what it is…a choice, not something that naturally comes to me. But thankfulness almost always leads to joy and building a great mindset.

Try This Great Mindset Exercise

I have a fun exercise for you! Grab a sheet of paper and draw 3 circles. Think about who you spend the most time in life with, then put people in the appropriate circle.

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For example, if someone is very negative about a new idea or whatever you are trying to talk about, put them in the top circle. This is the circle for people who exhaust you and won’t encourage you – you can still have them in your life but you’ll want to proceed with caution when it comes to sharing your deepest desires and dreams.

In the second circle, write people who are supportive of life changes and new habits but are a little hesitant about them. This happens more than you think – positive changes in your life make others feel they are holding a mirror up to themselves and they feel negative. But this is your life, not theirs! So focus on making the best decisions you can!

Lastly, the third circle is for the people who are your biggest cheerleaders no matter what you tell them. You can share anything and everything about your dreams with them and they are on your side. These are the ones you want to spend MORE time with! Cultivate and encourage that positivity in your own life.

Remember, you can’t control others, you can only control your reaction to them.

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If you are a business owner or interested in being one, this ebook is chock-full of helpful tips and tricks that will help you win the mental battle and build the right mindset for success. It’s absolutely free and I really, truly believe it can change your life!

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