I’m here with today with Julie owner of Paint Party with Julie. She is a member of Paint Party Headquarters and has taught over 500 paint parties! Can you believe that? That is a ton of paint parties. Julie is going to tell us all about she built a successful paint party business, from how it all started to where she is at now.

Julie is based out of Montana now but is originally from California. While in California she hired on at a paint party franchise and was able to teach right under 300 parties until she moved to Montana. This gave Julie a TON of experience and she was even one of the top-rated artists in Northern California!

Julie Farris, owner of Paint Party with Julie
Julie Farris, Owner of Paint Party with Julie

Building a Successful Paint Party Business

She knew she was good at what she did and that when people came to paint with her they would have FUN. Julie could keep the energy up and answer their questions. Then her husband and her decided it was time to move to Montana. She decided she would continue doing what she knew how to do but this time she would start her own paint party business. Julie told me she kind of fell on her face. She knew how to teach a paint night and provide a fun experience but didn’t know how to reach out to venues or market herself. Then she found Paint Party Headquarters and the rest is history!

She feels art is part of DNA, just like her freckles. She would scribble on anything she could as a child, had a great art teacher in high school and went on to major in Art in college. Then she stopped creating for about 10 years. She was in her early 20s and was making pretty good money. Julie thought she really didn’t need to play with her art supplies anymore.

Paint Party and Photo by Julie Farris, Owner, Paint Party with Julie

Finding Her Passion Again

Then she got married to her best friend, the love of her life. Life kind of started to get rough and she was going through a lot stuff. Julie started having debilitating panic attacks. Her husband reminded her how much she loved to paint and create and suggested she take an art class. She fell back in love with art and it helped her in that time. It has always been her way to navigate through dark times. When she is creating, she has her favorite worship music playing and feels that is when she can truly talk to God.

Giving Back to Her Community with Paint Parties

Julie loves to share her passion for art. She has been able to take not just her art skills but her ability to lead and put people at ease and help her community. Once a month she attends an art class for ladies in recovery and with the homeless community. She just takes her art supplies, plays worship music and creates with them. She gets to love her friends and create with them. Julie feels she’s the one that really gets blessed to take art to them, make new friends, encourage them and speak to their hearts.

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