If you’ve never painted a carrot before, you’re missing out! This spring-ready painting is so cute and easy to create, and I’ll walk you through the entire thing step by step! I’ll even show you how to give your carrot painting a bit more oomph with metallic painted accents too.

Let’s dive into how to make a carrot painting!

carrot painting with black and white striped background

Step by Step Directions: Carrot Painting

For those of you in Paint Party Headquarters, you have access to this design in your account. Feel free to use it at your own paint parties! For those of you who aren’t in PPHQ, I don’t mind if you create this at home for fun, but please don’t use my design for a profit.

finished carrot painting next to paints

1. Start with a Painted Canvas

I actually messed up on my original design (see, it happens to everyone!) so I just gave my canvas a coat of white paint and started all over again. You can choose a different color, but I really like how this carrot painting pops against the black and white background (we’ll add black stripes later).

2. Make a Carrot Outline and Fill it In

Just create a loose carrot outline using an orange paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect! If you look at carrots in real life they are wonky and not at all straight-lined. Don’t overthink this part.

Then, fill it in with orange. To give my carrot painting more depth and richness, I used 3 different shades of orange from DecoArt: Orange Flame, Canyon Orange, and Orange Twist. You can use the same 3 or whatever you have on hand!

side view of painted canvas with a carrot

3. Add the Carrot Leaves

With a round brush, make 3 leaf shapes at the top of the carrot. They don’t have to be perfect! Don’t overthink this one either – I promise you guys it will be okay! Take a look at the video below to see how simple it is. It all comes together at the end!

I painted my leaves in two greens: Kelly Green and Sour Apple Green. It doesn’t really matter which you use, but the trick is to use 2 different shades of green for depth.

4. Add the Black Stripes to the Background of the Carrot Painting

To make my carrot pop out from the background, I added some wide black stripes to the white canvas. Just use a wide brush and swipe across! I just eyeballed it but added stripes evenly throughout the piece.

Painting a carrot on a skinny canvas

5. Outline the Carrot in Black

To separate the background from the carrot even more, I used a small brush to outline the carrot and leaves in the same black as I painted the background with. I also used it to add some shadowing to the carrot too!

6. Add Metallic Accents!

Now, onto my favorite part…the bling! Yes, even a carrot painting can benefit from a touch of metallic accent! I used DecoArt’s Metallic Lustre in Brilliant Turquoise.

I just use it by dipping my finger in and pressing down into the painting lightly in a few spots. It’s like an elevated finger painting! I also used it to the edges of the canvas for even more fun bling.

Adding metallic lustre to a carrot painting

Carrot Painting: Watch the Video

If you are a visual learner like I am, take a look at this video where I walk you through this entire carrot painting step by step!

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