I know it doesn’t feel like it but Spring is right around the corner. And, what better way to get ready than by painting this fun and colorful Spring Cactus! The best part, you can get the FREE Supply List, Tracer and Step-by-Step Instructions.

Now, I’m going to make this the fastest cactus painting in Texas! I’m going to paint this in 20 mins or less, probably won’t be my best work but yours will look great! Grab the FREE supply list, tracer and instructions HERE. Then get all your supplies ready, trace the cactus with some carbon paper and get painting!

acrylic on canvas painting of a cactus

Paint the Background & Flower Pot

Take some Turquoise and White paint and just paint the entire canvas. Now, you can paint your background any color you want, you can even make it a more muted tone. Let’s get that flower pot added. You can free hand this or use the tracer. If you are free handing it just grab some white paint and a 1-inch brush. All you need to do is paint a big smile and then fill it in!

Paint the Cactus

You are going to need a Lime green paint, I used DecoArt Americana Margarita and Hauser Medium Green. Using the same 1-inch brush get both colors on your paint brush. You just want to paint the outline of the cactus for placements. They are all large upside “U’s”.  Don’t forget to add some little off shoots too. Then just fill them all in!

cactus painting

Add some Flowers

Next add a line at the bottom of the flower pot and just add some blobs to make some leaves. Do the same to the right side of the flower pot. Add some dimension to cactus and leaves using the lime green.  For my flowers I’m going with some purples and pinks. Again, you can use any colors you want!

Since I’m on a time crunch, I just got some color down by painting some big circles for placement. Remember, you will have the tracer, so you won’t have to freehand this at all!

close up of cactus painting

Add the Details

Get a liner brush and some black paint and just add some v’s to the flower pot. You also will want to outline your flowers, cactus and flower pot. This is going to really make your painting POP! Get some pink and add little flowers to your cactus.  Then grab some white and paint dots all of your cactus.

Whew! That was fast!!! If you want to paint this fun and colorful Spring Cactus get the supply list, tracer and instruction HERE!

Watch the Fastest Cactus in Texas replay here:

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