Hi Creative Souls,

Do you take family vacations?   

Do you dream up what your vacation will look like in your head and then become disappointed after it’s over because it’s nothing like you thought it would be?  

Let me tell you a little story about one of our first vacations after we came back to Texas.

We decided on Houston.   My husband grew up going to space camp in Houston and Alabama so it was always a really great memory for him.   He wanted to pass along his NASA knowledge as we visited Houston Space Center.

Our plan was to visit NASA and then go to the pier close by that had a rollercoaster on it.   I was so excited to have 3 full days of family time and enjoying each others company.

Well, day one… NASA.   Oh my… It’s like a forgotten lost city of very few visitors and not enough upkeep.   My husbands memories were extremely destroyed as we walked around the facilities.   We made the best of it and tried to erase the experience from our memory.

Then the next day we decided to go to the pier with the roller coaster on it.   Pixie is begging to ride the rollercoaster!    We are excited because it’s her first one.   She BARELY makes the height limit and we go buy the tickets.   After about 30 minutes in line we are finally to the front.   To my surprise she totally freaks out and decides LAST minute that she doesn’t want to ride.   I look at Bobby and he looks at me…  It’s in that very moment that I ask the worker if she doesn’t want to ride can she stand on the other side and wait for us.    The “trusting” 17 year old says sure and I leave my child on the side of the roller coaster.

As we are buckled in my brain starts to panic!    What are we thinking?   We just locked ourselves into a roller coaster as we have our 5 year old crying next to sunglasses and water bottles.  I then see the worker (as we are moving slowly) ask my daughter to step outside the gate please.   The roller coaster is about to take off.

All I can think is “WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!!??”   We allowed our daughter – ONE and only child to be monitored by a 17 year old who is not even watching her as she waits outside a gate that ANYONE can get too!

So the entire rollercoaster I am frantic.   I can’t even enjoy the ride for the thought of how bad of parents we are and how my daughter has possibly been taken by some crazy person.

When we pull up and I see my daughter sitting on the step my heart rejoices!   I know that she is okay!

But she’s hysterically crying!

We jump off the ride and go to see what’s wrong.  She’s sad that she didn’t go on the ride.   I look at Bobby and he say’s “she should have went when she had the chance”.   I say “but she’s still little and learning how to conquer her fears.   Let’s get another ticket and let her try again.”

Another bad decision….

So, as we wait in the long line again, we decide that my husband should ride with her.   I now wait by the sunglasses and water bottles as they enjoy her very first roller coaster ride.    My husband and I are HUGE adrenaline junkies so this is exciting for us… our only child riding her very FIRST roller coaster!

As she comes around the corner she has the BIGGEST grin on her face!    My husband, not so much! 

She’s telling me all about it!   She’s jumping up and down so happy and excited that she just conquered her fear!  I’m celebrating with her and hugging her.    I look over at my husband and he has a troubling look on his face.

As Pixie plays a game he begins to tell me… “Heidi, she almost flew out!  I had to hold onto her the ENTIRE time!   She slid down and was almost under the seat and I held her as tight as I could in a headlock position!”

All I could think was THANK GOD he rode with her.   I know my strength wouldn’t have held her in.

Wow, sometimes an award needs to be given out for how many stupid things you can do in one evening!    Not only did we almost get her kidnapped, but we almost allowed her to fly out of her very first roller coaster!

Parents of the year – right here!   

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because, I like to overshare, but y’all know that already!

But really… It’s because vacations can sometimes be REALLY overrated!  

That’s why this spring break I’m having a “staycation”.  

Not just a “stay around my city and do things”, but STAY at home and create!    Sometimes just having time at home without obligations can be the most relaxing vacation.

Anyway, I hope this email / blog post finds you well!   If you are about to have your spring break I hope you take time for yourself!   Enjoy the little things!

AND ALWAYS find time to CREATE!    

Extremely Grateful,


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