Post It Notes galore and no makeup! However I did select a filter to make me look tan! ????.

Sometimes working for yourself can feel really alone.

Most days you are isolated… knowing you are on the cusp of something REALLY GREAT, but it feels decades away!

Talking to family about your business struggles can sometimes leave you feeling unheard.

Not because they don’t care… but because they don’t understand. They can’t add value to the conversation because it’s not something they know.

We stay up at night thinking of the next Paint Party… Will I be good enough?

For those of you just starting your thoughts are…

Will I EVER have a paint party?

Will anyone show up?

It starts to feel like you are getting picked last in gym class if the headcount is low or even worse… crickets.

Then there’s the time when you DO have a large sign up and then thoughts emerge even louder….

What if I do show up and I’m terrible? What if they know I’m scared?

What if they realize I’m not that good of a painter! What if they ask me to free hand their initial and I totally mess up their painting!!?

These are the things that keep us up at night.

Then if you have done several paint parties for many years like I have… the fear doesn’t go away. It can actually get louder.

However, there is hope….

You get better at surrounding yourself with people who are a step ahead of you.

You get better at calming the overwhelming doubt that can haunt you.

You pray.

You realize it’s NOT about you!

You understand that there is a bigger purpose behind the painting.

A purpose of connection, community, joy, laughter, hope, and okay yes…. a little paint!

You know there’s a reason you’re on this path.

Running your own business has lots of details especially in the beginning.

Lots of new things and it can feel like your head will explode!

You’re not alone.

Remember there’s others out there like you. All together trying to make an impact in our own way.

God opens doors all the time… the question is… are you looking for them?

Check out my free Paint Party Business guide if you need some help!