Don’t give up on yourself.

Since I can’t go back and tell myself this secret 7 years ago, I’ll tell you. Don’t give up. Don’t expect every single painting party to be a smashing success. However, if you persevere you WILL get where you want to go.

What I’ve learned building a business through a roller-coaster of highly charged emotional expectations is to…. BREATHE and remember GOD is in control. Yes, we have to take inspired action. Yes, we have to do the work. But, if I could tell myself ANYTHING 7 years ago I would tell her…. to calm down. To remember to look up and live life WHILE you are building your business or doing paint parties on the side.

I know that you want everything to work RIGHT NOW! You want pre-paid painters consistently. You want people to take you seriously. You want this to work so bad, but you are probably freaking out and heading to Micheals to buy everything on sale!

When I am procrastinating I do laundry. I know it’s weird, but the things we do to NOT do the things we NEED to do. So my earlier self would tell you to not take a cancelled party personally. She would also tell you to know that every single opportunity you have to book a party (even one that gets cancelled) is a learning opportunity.   It’s a way to grow.   It’s a way to make the next one work.  So breathe.

Give yourself a break this weekend. Go have some fun with your family, friends, or just head to a bookstore and enjoy a coffee by yourself.  ​​​​​​​I WISH I would have heard this message years ago.  

God has taught me a lot in 7 years and I’m still learning and growing. What I’m hearing loud and clear is…. breathe. Calm down. It’s all coming together if you just persevere.