There is nothing I love to do more, than paint! Well, maybe connecting with and helping YOU with your painting businesses too!

You can ask me your questions while I paint this fun and easy Christmas Truck door hanger with interchangeable pieces!!! Ask me anything paint parties, art kits, art supplies, painting, and making creative money with your art and talents! If you love painting or making door hangers and porch signs, I’d love to help you out!

How many of you have already started decorating for Christmas? I asked that the other day and I was so happy to hear so many people have Christmas trees up! Pixie and I are ready for Christmas, on November 1st.

So, I decided it was time to break out the paints and start create cute holiday décor for around the house! This cute door hanger is for a fun upcoming Paint Party I have and I thought I would paint it with you!

I started off by just painting the entire background completely black. It makes a great background for any of the seasons and the other colors really POP off the black background.

I couldn’t decide if I should make the background look like pallet wood, so I asked YOU to help me decide. The majority of you wanted to see this design painted in a wood pallet style, so I just went in with a huge ruler, white paint, and a liner brush to add white horizontal lines. This is suppose to be the space between the pallet boards.

I then went over the white lines with a dry 1″ flat brush before painting the super cute truck. What’s really cool is I can swap out the different shapes in the back of the truck, depending on the different seasons.

If you are painting this design, you can paint your truck any color you want. But, I asked for help and you helped me decide….


So, I quickly paint the truck.

Y’all wanted to see some shading so I showed you a simple way. With a hint of black and mix it with a bunch of red paint and then dirty it up a little bit. Then, I painted the tires black too.

With your input, I painted the truck bed rails white and the word “Welcome” in white too. I used a stamper so the sides of the word stayed dark and I only painted the top. Then, I used a round brush to paint the center of the tire rims white.

Do you think I can paint the Christmas tree in under 3 minutes?!

Maybe under 1 minute?!

Just by dabbing different greens over the tree, easy peasy! It’s done! Then, I stamped on some red ornaments. Along with some Gold ornaments too. Simple tree! Done!

Then, I painted a super quick Snowman wood cutout. I covered in him completely in white paint. (The daubers are really fun.) I used black acrylic paint covered his hat and mixed to some grey paint to add grey tones. I used Sea Breeze, one of my favorite colors with Laguna.

For his super cute scarf, used the darker color to make stripes, shading and fringe. Using a liner brush, I then added black dots for his buttons and cute little face and Canyon Orange for his carrot nose.

Just a cute little snowman. Nothing serious!

For the pineapple, I started with a gold base. A dark green looked awesome for the pineapple leaves and lighter greens added a nice pop of highlight.

I added some more world changing, 24K GOLD!!!

A tiny liner brush and some brown paint helps make the pineapple texture. All I do is add a bunch of “V”s in a row.

Next, I painted the pumpkin. I used canyon Orange for the body of the pumpkin and painted the stem with some brownish with some green. For the lines, I just started in the middle and painted brown lines with a liner brush. Just like a football shape, then bring more lines, going out. I dipped back into the orange and go over the lines to blend them a little.

Gold is really good on pumpkins too! It has a nice shimmer to it!

I made it more funky by adding some turquoise highlights too.

The last interchangeable wood cutout one was a flower. I went turquoise with it then, adding little shading. And… I knew I wanted polka dots, but I didn’t knwo what color. So, I asked YOU and we all decided on pink!

It might be a bad choice, though. But, hey! It’s only paint.

The best part of this whole door hanger painting, was not having to free hand the “Welcome” part! When I started to put all of the pieces together, it looked so great! Just glue all of the dried pieces together and there you go! A super cute and easy seasonal door hanger to make any holiday décor!

You can order your own Truck Door Hanger with all of the interchangeable attachments HERE. Use PASSWORD TEXASHEIDI