My dad created these ghosts almost 30 years ago!!! I remember painting the eyes on them. We still have them and get them out every year.

I had Bobby copy his design and cut out a few so I could make another set! Halloween Décor CAN have sentimental meaning! Do you have any Halloween traditions or décor that have meaning? DIY Easy Halloween décor can also be REALLY fun to make!

I just started with a solid layer of White acrylic paint over both cut outs.

And then used a blower dryer to help drying.

I had some ribbon from last year and cut the ends at a diagonal. I used 3 pieces, but about 3inches long. Lay the pieces on top of one another and then pinch them in the middle.

I tie it off with some twine. And fan it out.

With just some black paint I created the eyes and smiles, for my happy ghosts.

Then I added in some little lines around them.

You can get real creative and go nuts with the extra. Like eyelashes.

Add a few white dots in each eye. It makes them SO ADORABLE AND CUTE!

I love it!!!!