I painted this last year near the end of November and boy was it POPULAR! This Snowman Porch Sign is the perfect addition to your winter décor this year and super easy to paint. I just used some different sized plates and a wood round for the snowman and then a stencil from Essential Stencils for the “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. You can use code TXHEIDI at checkout for a discount! Everything else was painted freehand. You can follow along and paint with me in the video below.

snowman porch sign

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Paint The Background

To get a wintry look to the background just take some gray and white paint and squirt on the wood. Then I take a chip brush dipped in water and just spread the paint all over the board. This will blend the two colors and give you a great winter look.

Paint The Snowman

First, trace your Snowman. Now, I used a couple paper plates and a wood round but you can use anything round to trace your snowman. Next just fill in your snowman with white paint. Don’t forget to add his hat and scarf and buttons. But remember to let your paint dry before adding all those details.

snowman porch leaner

Freehand Birch Trees

Don’t let the freehand part of this scare you. These birch trees are soooo EASY to paint! Using a 1-inch brush just paint some white lines to place your birch trees then fill them in. The best part, these lines don’t have to be perfect! Remember, these are trees and a tree trunk is not a straight line. After your paint dries you will add the little details that make the them look like a tree.

Stencil The Words

Now, I use Essential Stencils, they are my favorite! But you can make your own stencils or even freehand the words. I used the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” stencil. Make sure to use a stencil brush and offload your brush before stenciling. I even used the snowflake stencil that came with my stencil pack!

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Watch the full snowman porch sign painting tutorial:

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This post was originally published on November 26, 2020 and updated on July 15, 2021.

Easy DIY Snowman Porch Sign