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Ready for those long summer days? Me too! In anticipation of the summer months, I’m painting the cutest porch leaner that’s perfect for summer porch decor. Come learn how to paint one, and teach your friends how to do the same!

Is it just me, or has this been the longest winter EVER? Goodness, I am ready for some SUN! Here in Texas the summer months are hot and sunny, and I am all about it! If you are a summer lover too, you’ll really appreciate today’s painting project: a simple porch leaner sign perfect for the summer.

Summer Porch Decor

I love changing up the decor on my patio, especially when I can feature a piece of custom art I’ve painted. I get so many compliments on my porch leaners that I thought it was time to do one for the summer! This piece is going to be the center piece of my summer porch decor this year…and it can be yours too!

How to Paint this Piece Step by Step

I’m going to walk you through exactly how to make this sign for your own front porch. I also have a video below where you can watch me paint it from start to finish – it’s easier than you’d think!

summer porch decor - painted sign

1. Paint the Background

I was definitely feeling some beachy vibes for this summer porch decor. To get that perfect blue, I used a combination of white paint and Laguna paint from Deco Art. It’s SO pretty! Swirl the two together and apply to the wood using a foam brush.

Make sure to dip your brush in plenty of water as you are painting. Since we are going for “beachy”, we want that pretty, watery look with the colors.

summer acrylic painting with stencils and paint

2. Add a Beach

Use white paint to add a pretty white sand area. It reminds me of Panama City Beach where I used to live for 10 years!

3. Layer on a Quick, Easy Palm Tree!

I am all about quick and easy, y’all! This palm tree is so simple to do! I made mine using Burnt Umber (again by Deco Art). You can see exactly how I do it in the video below, but essentially I created a stack of loose open-topped trapezoids that curve to the right. The base will be larger than the top trapezoid.

Then, use Festive Green to add the leaves. Make sure to use the same brush – don’t rinse it! The brown will add a some dimension to your painting.

colorful summer porch sign with pictures of dolly parton

4. Shade Your Palm Tree

I used several shades of brown to add shading to the palm base, as well as several shades of green for the leaves. Don’t skip this step and definitely don’t be intimidated! Adding extra color is simple and will make a world of difference!

5. Add Stencils and Outline

I used some of my favorite stencils for this summer porch decor. Y’all know I LOVE Essential Stencils! You’ve got to add a few to your painting collection too! Use this link and coupon code TEXASHEIDI to order some of my favorite stencils!

Watch the Video

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Heidi Easley holding a colorful summer porch decor

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easy diy summer porch decor with image of colorful summer porch sign and paints