My first business was painting decorative surfboards at an outdoor mall in Florida. I started this business when we bankrupt and lost EVERYTHING! That summer I made a mistake on a painting and I didn’t want to waste a board. So, I came up with a way to re-use that board. I’m going to tell you how to make a board, canvas or whatever material you are using usable again.

Step 1 – Paint It Black

First, I covered the board in black paint to give me a solid background. If you are pressed for time you can always use a hair dryer to dry your material in between coats of paint.

Step 2 – Add Some Texture

Then I’m going to grab some metallic paint and a paper towel. Now, you can use any color you want, I’m using Pewter. I do love a metallic and 24 Karat Gold is my favorite! Quickly brush on some of the Pewter paint and then grab your paper towel. Squish up your paper towel and start to twist and pull. Just do this all of the canvas or board.

Decorative surfboard painted silver and black

In the end you have a brand new background to work with and it’s TEXTURED! Once your background is dry you can add your new art work.

This is why I love using acrylic paints. Whether you’re painting a canvas, wood signs, door hangers, ceramics, or anything, this is an easy way to fix your painting mistake and change the background of your painting without a lot of work! It’s even great for beginner painters and your paint party events!

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Easy trick to fix a painting mistake pin for Pinterest with image of painted decorative surfboard