Today I’m going steer away from traditional winter and Christmas colors to add little whimsy to this Snowman Couple painting! The best part? I’m painting this whimsical snowman couple on a GINORMOUS canvas!  I think it’s going to be pretty cool, but we will know for sure when the painting is complete. This is a great painting to create with friends.

So, get all your besties together, grab your favorite drinks and treats and have some fun painting! Need a good playlist for your party? Grab the Free Paint Party Playlist HERE.

acrylic painting of snowman couple

Paint the Background

I chose DecoArt Americana Electric Pink and Grape Juice for the background on my canvas. Just paint the entire canvas pink and use a little bit of the Grape Juice to add some whimsy. Since I was painting this LIVE I needed to dry the background quickly. Rather than use a blow dryer I used paper towel! All I did was lay it on the painting and press down. Not only did the background dry it also added some really cool texture!

Create the Whimsical Snowman Couple

Painting a snowman is super simple! I used an 18” wood round and paper plates. Using white paint just trace around the items you selected to use and then just fill them in! You can use anything to trace the Snowman, just take a look around your house.

pink and turquoise acrylic painting on canvas of snowman couple

Add Some Accessories

Grab some black paint and just paint a thick, slightly curved line to the top of each snowperson. Using the same black paint create a top hat for one snowperson. Then add a beanie to the other. I used BlueGrass Green and Metallic Turquoise for the beanie but you can use any colors you like! I loved this color combo sooo much I used it for their scarves too!

Add All The Details

Using a liner brush outline your Snowman Couple in black. Take some Canyon Orange paint for their noses. All you need to do is paint a slender triangle. Now, I like my eyes to look like they are looking up so I just took some black paint and painted a small half-moon shape. Then using that same paint I added a smile and buttons. These are just black dots!

Now, don’t forget to add some snow and accent your snowman couple. Take one of your paint brushes, turn it upside down, dip in your paint and dot your canvas. Then accent your couple using white and black paint on the hats and scarves!

acrylic painting on canvas of whimsical snowman couple

That’s it! Remember, you can use any colors you want. Choose your favorite colors, match the colors in your holiday décor or use traditional winter and Christmas colors. Get creative and have fun! And if you are painting this with friends grab the FREE Paint Party Playlist to keep the party going! I hope you have as much fun as I did painting this whimsical snowman couple.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here:

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