When I was growing up, we only went to church a couple times. Typically an Easter service or church camp.  I didn’t really start going to church regularly until I was about 18 or 19 years old.  This was when I married my husband Bobby. My husband and I got very involved in the church we were attending and our faith in God and the church was strong. Then the church split and I was just devastated. I just didn’t understand how it could happen. 

Putting Faith in People, Not God

When people would fail me, especially when they were Christian, I would associate that person as a bad Christian and therefore every Christian was bad. But we are all imperfect people. We are just trying to do the next best thing we think we are supposed to do.  So, put your faith where it belongs. Do not put your faith in people, put your faith in GOD, he will not fail you! It took me 10 years to learn that lesson.

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Learning to Forgive

For many years I was very bitter, it took me a long time to forgive.  Here’s the thing though, forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving, it is for YOU! As soon as somebody hurts me I do my best to forgive. Now, if it is a toxic relationship, I don’t keep that relationship going, but I still forgive. So, you can forgive them but not allow them in your space. You don’t have to keep going back for more.

This isn’t just for people that have wronged you but it also goes for YOU!  You know, I teach you how to start a paint party business and how to make money for your family. But, how many times have you started a business, something like Mary Kay. Maybe you failed at that business and you can’t forgive yourself. And now, you are thinking I can’t start a paint party business because this other business failed.

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Forgive Yourself

We take this moment where we thought we were going to have to success and look back on it each time we are trying to make a change or make our lift better.  Try again! Go at from a different angle. We have to give ourselves grace and forgiveness. This is what is going to move you forward.

So many of us don’t want to go to church because of a hurt we’ve had. You can feel God’s presence anywhere, it’s not just in church.  Comment below a place where you have felt God’s presence that wasn’t a building. He’s not just sitting in a building playing hide and seek waiting for you find him. If you are struggling you can find him anywhere.

Put your faith in God where it’s always supposed to be.

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