Believe it or not, paint parties make a great family business! They really do!! This is because they are profitable and can really grow into a family-run business that everyone can be involved in.

My daughter and I are setting up for a paint party this afternoon. We have 12 guests coming, paying $35 each. Pretty great way to spend a Thursday and make some cash!!! I love having my daughter help and grow my business.

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Paint Parties as a Family Business

You may not look at your painting parties or love of art as a business just yet, but believe me, it can easily become just that! And not only can they become a profitable business, but they can become a family business too.

My daughter and I love to host paint parties together! It makes it twice as much fun and twice as rewarding. I love that I am able to teach her that she can make a living doing something she is passionate about!

And you can be just as successful in your painting party family business too!

Always Make a Profit 

One huge point to remember is that you should always make a profit when you host paint parties. Don’t short-change yourself!

Hosting a paint party is real work and requires your time and money since you have to buy supplies and spend time preparing for the event. This means that you should always be charging at your parties.

Another important thing to remember is that you still need to make a profit after supply expenses and any other costs (such as paying your daughter to help you clean up afterward, as Pixie does for me!).

The trick is to get paid for those items but also make sure that you are still making money even after all those expenses have been taken out. Keeping a profit margin is essential!

Keep the Family Business Fun

paint party as a family

One of the best parts of running a family business is that you get to have fun together. Don’t make it unenjoyable for your family. Make sure that everyone is playing a part that they actually like!

I also highly recommend getting young children involved in your business. Pixie has been helping me out with my painting parties since she was 5 years old, and she still loves to do so. So, try to make working together with your family a fun experience and something that everyone can benefit and continue to grow from.

One way you can do this is by trying to limit any stress or last-minute worries by being organized and making sure that everyone knows what their job is. Providing feedback, both positive and constructive, is key!

Get the Family Involved

This is a family business because it involves your family, and that is the best part! (Aside from the fact that you can make money together in a fun way.) Don’t be afraid to get everyone involved, no matter how big or small they may be.

As I said earlier, Pixie was helping me at my painting parties when she was just five! Now she is 15, and she is still by my side! Even the youngest children can help out with something, whether that be picking out the paint colors, cleaning up the supplies, or being mommy’s emotional support with those sweet hugs!

Getting everyone involved and having fun together is the highlight of being able to make a business out of doing what you love. And don’t forget to pay everyone! Not only does this give them a sense of accomplishment at a young age, but it teaches independence and diligence when working.

There are so many benefits to getting your kids involved in your painting party business!

Watch our Live and See Our Family Business Dynamics!

Want to see Pixie and me in action? Watch this 6-minute video!

Join Paint Party Headquarters

For more details on how to create your own painting party business, join the Paint Party Headquarters! Because yes – it is possible to make a living as an artist doing what you love!!

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paint party as a family business

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