I am SO excited to share today’s project with you! This flamingo sign is PERFECT for those warm summer months, or any other time you need to add some tropical flair to your front porch.

Okay, y’all, if you are ready to show off your art work in a BIG way, you’ve got to check out this flamingo sign! Not only is it bright and fun, but it’s huge too! This is a 6 foot porch leaner that packs a punch!

woman standing near a welcome flamingo sign holding a giant stuffed sloth

What’s a Porch Leaner?

If you haven’t heard of a porch leaner before, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A sign that leans on your porch. I absolutely love making these because they allow you to go either simple or all out with more graphic, bold designs.

Once you paint it, all you need to do is lean it on your porch against your home’s wall! No hanging, no fuss. You can even do a different design on the back and flip it over when you’re ready for a change!

How to Paint a Flamingo Sign

flamingo porch leaner sign

Okay, let’s get going on how to paint this flamingo sign! I also have a video for you to watch at the bottom if you are like me – a visual learner!

Here is the Flamingo Supply List, Tracers, and Instructions for your to download instantly and use for your painting too!

1. Start with a Black Base

I have been so into painting on black surfaces lately…it makes the colors really pop! This is a 6 foot board. You can order these or make one with wood yourself. Just give it a quick sanding and a good coat of black paint!

2. Paint the Flowers

Use a white and a pink paint together and mix them up on the brush. I used Royal Fuchsia as my pink – it’s perfect for the flamingo sign!

To paint the flowers, make a tight letter C – this is your first petal! Then do another C in the middle of that one – it’s so simple! Keep adding on petals and making flowers, then fill them in with paint. I also added some white dots on each petal for visual interest.

3. Freehand the Flamingo

Yup, we are freehanding this one! Don’t be scared – I’m going to teach you how to do it in a super easy way. Then, you can teach others at your next paint party!

By the way, if you’re a member of Paint Party Headquarters, I have a tracer in the member area for you! And if you aren’t a member yet, what are you waiting for?! Get on the waiting list so you can get access to awesome goodies like this!

4. Add Your Details and Shading

Don’t skip this step! This is what makes your painting look AWESOME instead of just good! Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by shading – just watch the video and see how easy it is!

Plus, don’t forget to use my favorite stencils to say “welcome”!

Watch the Video: Painted Flamingo Sign!

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