I have a brand-new painting that I’m so excited to show you! It’s this awesome barn with sunflowers. I even show you a super easy way to paint sunflowers in the video below. While I painted the sunflowers on this barn painting, I talked all about focusing on the things you can control and focusing on your strengths. These are great ways to shine your light! Now, I don’t paint the entire painting in the below video, just the sunflowers.  The entire painting is available to Paint Party Headquarters members.

I’ve been reading a book right now and talked about how the average human has 70,000 thoughts a day! It also said that 80% of those thoughts are negative. Can you believe that? That’s 56,000 negative thoughts a day!! So, what I want you do is focus on the things that you can control. You know, we are bombarded by so many things, especially if you watch the news.  There was a time when we didn’t have access to every single that is happening all at the same time right?

fun barn and sunflowers painting

Too Much Information

I don’t think our brains were wired to handle all of these things all at once. It tends to put us in a place of defeat, sadness and even depression. If I started my day with the news and then all of the sudden, I’m supposed to try and be productive for the day. I mean, I would just go back to bed. I’m not trying to be downer, but that is the effect it would have on me. I definitely want to know what is going on in the world and do whatever I can, I want to know what I should be praying for. However, I know there are some things only God can handle. Those things I cannot control.

How Can You Shine Your Light?

What can we do different? What could you do in your morning to make your day different? How can you shine your light? For me? It’s painting. Getting up this morning and painting this barn made me so happy! Each and every one of you have a gift that God has given you that makes you happy.  So, step one, focus on things you can control, like painting, if that’s what you love.

acrylic on canvas barn painting

Focus on Your Strengths

The second step? Focus on your strengths. So many times, we are told to focus on the things we are not good at. We just end up feeling defeated. If you were to tell me to solve a math problem right now, I would be nauseous and not happy. Math is not my strong suit. But, if you were to tell me to design a mural for a gymnasium, I would be so excited!

I’d go grab a cup of coffee, get a brand-new notebook, all pens and sharpies and would start design the coolest mural this gymnasium has ever seen.  Because I love that and it is my strength. Remember, focus on your strengths and the talents God has given you.

For example? My strength is painting. I’m not the best painter in the world but God has given me this talent for healing and art therapy. God gave me this talent to share with others. If you want to learn how to paint a super cute bunny join the FREE 3 Day Profitable Paint Party event HERE!

barn painting

Find out What Your Strength Is

If you don’t know what talents you have ask someone! Usually, the closest people around you will know immediately.  Think about your friend who’s maybe like really good and encouraging or the one that’s always there for you. Maybe they have the cutest clothes on or you know there’s good at fashion. Maybe you have a friend that’s a great cook or is good at gardening.

Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths.  I want you to think you know, maybe, I’m a very messy person.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a disaster! I’m an artist, a true creative. When I paint, there’s crap everywhere, right?  Instead of beating myself up over and over again and thinking “Why can you just be organized?”. I focus on my strengths, my painting and sharing and teaching.

If you want to learn how to paint and maybe even have your first profitable paint party join the FREE 3 Day Profitable Paint Party event HERE!

Hear more about how to focus on your strengths in this video:

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