Hosting a girls night in is ALWAYS a fun idea! Why not change things up and host a paint and sip party? It’s a fun way to get together and make beautiful artwork to enjoy for years to come. Plus, it’s the perfect occasion for beginners to dip their toes into the world of painting, with the added bonus of some fun girl time included!

If you are already feeling overwhelmed, don’t be!!! A painting party is surprisingly easy to put together in a short amount of time. And, you would be amazed at how much fun everyone will have!

getting ready for a girls night in paint party

Girl’s Night In: Paint and Drink

Want to host a paint and sip party? With just a little preparation, you can organize an amazing party for all of your fellow art lovers and friends to enjoy. 

How to Host a Girl’s Night In

Here are three things that you will need to do when you are organizing a painting party to ensure that it’s a success. By the way, you don’t have to do it alone! You can get a few of your artistic friends to help as well!

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

When hosting a girl’s night in, prepare all of the supplies that you are going to need for the event (plus a little extra!)

You will need to get canvases, paint, paintbrushes, and palettes. Even if everyone is supposed to bring their own supplies, it is still a good idea to have stuff on hand, just in case!

acrylic paint in bright colors

Because this is a Paint and Sip, you’ll also need…drinks! Wine is the most popular option, but you could get creative with other beverages as well such as a signature cocktail (or mocktail).

Don’t forget to grab a non-alcoholic option for those who don’t drink or want to limit alcohol. There is plenty of tasty non-alcoholic drinks that would be great for the occasion!

Step 2: Send the invites.

Send invitations to all of the lucky ladies that you want at your paint and sip party! Make sure to include all of the details to avoid having to go back and forth discussing times and places.

Send the invites with plenty of time in advance to make sure everyone has time to free up their schedule.

Step 3: Choose a girl’s night activity.

To have a fun night of painting, you’ll want to organize a few activities.

The best thing is to have multiple options so that everyone will be able to choose what interests them. It’s a good way to ensure even beginner painters feel included. Ideas for activities could range from a challenging new painting method to painting a simple landscape.

Alternatively, to keep it simple, you could pick out a painting challenge for everyone to try and make a game out of it. Keeping it fun and light-hearted will be great for everyone in the room. 

Ultimately, no matter what activity you prepare, the goal is simply this: for your guests to create fun art, enjoy a drink, and have a good time together. Keep that in mind, and your girl’s night in will be a total success!

girls night in idea - host a paint and sip party!

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