I have this super cool door hanger that has interchangeable attachments for each season. It has leaves for Fall, knit caps for Winter, tulips for Spring and popsicles for Summer. You can keep the same door hanger all year round all you have to do is change it out for each season!  I’m going to show you how to paint the summer piece and talk to you about what you can do with your paint party money.

The best part about this door hanger is everything comes pre-cut and has the letters lasered as well! When you are a member of Paint Party Headquarters you get access to wholesale suppliers for wooden pieces like this one and ceramics!

hand painted interchangeable door hanger

What do you with your paint party money?

I have some paint parties this summer. I’m going to use that money to go on a vacation with my family. It will be a long road trip and sooo much fun. We still have to book everything but we are so looking forward to it.

One of our PPHQ members is using her money to help her son through college. One of the viewers is using her money to pay for her kids sports and all the travel that goes with it. Another is paying for a retirement party. Some are just saving or using the money for vacations.

How teaching paint parties changed my life

When I first starting teaching paint parties years ago I was really doing it to help my family. I was still a teacher full-time and thought maybe I could do some fun stuff with the extra money. Pixie was around seven years old at the time and I started putting money aside for a girls trip to New York City. It was 7 of us going on the trip, my mother in law, her sister, my cousin, her twin daughters, Pixie and me.

The coolest part was the first night we go there. I really wanted to go ice skating in central park. So, we went to Central Park and went ice skating. It was in December and wasn’t even that cold. You could see all the lights and the buildings and there was Christmas music playing. It was a dream come true! The best part, it was all paid for, in cash.  We did so many other awesome things, we saw the Rockettes and Wicked. I bought a sweatshirt that was like $50 or $60 and I thought it was sooo expensive but still the entire trip was paid for in cash. It was such a great feeling to come home knowing that none of it was on a credit card.

Heidi Easley with a hand painted interchangeable door hanger

You’ve got to know what you are working towards

Whether you believe in manifesting or not, you have to know what you are working for. My advice, write it down! You can even go a step further. Pixie and I write letters to ourselves and then we seal them. We wait and open them the following year. Now, sometimes we find them early and move them and sometimes we don’t find them. The best part, in that letter we write down what we hope will happen in the next year.

I remember years ago we were renting a house, it was super small, like 800 square feet. My art studio was basically in our kitchen.  It was where I was running my business and painting. When I was writing my letter that year I wrote that I wanted a house with enough space for an art studio. Now, I had written a bunch of other stuff, but that was the main goal. When I came across the letter a few years later, because, well I lost it, it was crazy how many things in that letter actually happened.

paint brushes and acrylic paint

How would teaching paint parties change your life?

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To see how I painted the popsicle watch the replay below:

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