One of the top questions I get when telling other people how much fun it is to teach others how to paint is, “but where do you find a paint party venue?” If you’ve ever wondered the same, this post is for YOU!

The other day I hosted a paint party and made $600 in 2 hours. How insane is that? Don’t let the logistics of how to do the paint party stop you from getting started!

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to booking your paint parties, especially when you first start out. From figuring out what supplies you need to have on hand, to what designs you will teach, there’s one big question mark you’ll need to answer. Where the heck will you host the event?

Don’t worry, though. Finding a paint party venue is likely a lot more simple than you think. In today’s post (and quick video), I’m going to walk you through how to choose the perfect spot for your next gathering!

How to choose a paint party venue

How to Choose a Paint Party Venue

I’m going to give you two options to help you take a step forward: have a practice party or book a party.

Practice Party

This means you grab my free flamingo design and you grab your husband, kids, aunt, best friend, or whoever how to paint this design. It’s just practice and will help you get more comfortable with teaching paint parties.

full paint party venue

Book a Party and Choose a Paint Party Venue

Or, you could just jump right in and book your first paint party! But, where to do it? I’ll show you how to find the perfect venue for your paint party.

Today’s exercise is super simple – all you need is a stack of post-it notes. All I want you to do is to sit down and write out every single place that you could possibly use as a paint party venue! Write one per sticky note. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • country club
  • church
  • restaurant
  • winery or brewery
  • friend’s house
  • an animal shelter or somewhere you can do a fundraiser
  • kid’s birthday venue
  • volleyball court
  • corporate team building
  • girl scout venue
  • doctor’s office

It only took me a few minutes to come up with all the places listed above! Just write it all out and see what feels right, then take a step of action towards booking the venue!

Get the Right Mindset

overcoming fear and choosing the right paint party location

Don’t let fear stop you from booking your paint party. I’ll be honest: I’m scared every single time I host a paint party! But, I overcome my fear by taking a deep breath and putting my focus on helping others rather than myself.

The same goes for choosing a paint party venue – don’t be afraid to ask around. Get creative and see what options are out there for you!

Watch the Video About How to Pick a Paint Party Venue

I walk you through the entire exercise of selecting a paint party venue in today’s video. It’s about ten minutes long and so many people have said it’s incredibly helpful to sort through this logistic.

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