Want to learn how to paint a pumpkin? This full moon pumpkin painting tutorial is easy to follow and super beginner-friendly!

It’s the perfect fall DIY to create with your kids or make with your girlfriends to decorate your home for the season!!

acrylic pumpkin painting

How To Paint A Pumpkin For Fall

1. Get Your Supplies

For this tutorial on how to paint a pumpkin, you will need just a few supplies. The biggest thing you need is a black canvas to give your painting that spooky feel. You could re-create this by simply painting a white canvas black but that would take way more time and effort…and you have to wait for it to dry!!

Then, you will need a few different paint colors. I used brown, tan, black, white, and orange to create my painting.

To make this painting super easy, you also want to grab a paper plate and a piece of paper cut out to look like a crow.

2. Create The Pumpkin Outlines

The next step in this tutorial for how to paint a pumpkin, is to make your pumpkin outlines. The process is very simple, I promise!

Pumpkins are made up of segments, so all you have to do is paint segments. Start with the one in the middle and add more segments going outward. This will create that fun and bumpy look that most pumpkins have.

Once you’ve painted the pumpkins, you can go back and add more dimension with shading. I use orange, white, and some brown paint. Together these colors add the perfect shadowing that really brings these pumpkins to life!!

3. Paint The Moon

To paint the moon, all you need to do is find yourself a paper plate. Trust me, this is by far the easiest way to create a perfectly round moon!!

All you have to do is use your paper plate as a guide to trace your moon with white paint. You’ll end up with those perfectly smooth lines that we’re looking for.

Then you can fill in your moon with white paint and add in the details. I like to use my brush to dab the paint on for a nice shadowy effect. I used a bit of black and brown to create the contrast that I wanted.

acrylic pumpkin paintings

4. Add Final Details

The final details that we are going to make on this painting are the hay in between the pumpkins, the pumpkin stems, and the crow.

To make the hay, just create sweeping motions with your brush to get light and airy hay. I used brown and tan to create the perfect color.

Then, add your pumpkin stem by making a simple stick shape on the top of the pumpkin. This is really simple, and you can even add some black to give it depth. You can also go back and add more details to your pumpkins to make them more realistic.

Next, you can start your crow by making a basic bird shape, almost like a sideways teardrop. I used a piece of cut-out paper to guide me, but you can freehand it if you’re brave! Add the beak and legs and fill in your crow. You can always make adjustments to the shape as you go. Add a few white details to the black crow to bring him to life, and you’re done!!

Watch the Video

If you want to see all of the details and the painting in progress, check out the full tutorial on Facebook.

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