Lately all I can think about is Spring and the beach. So, I decided to hop on Facebook real quick to show my followers how to paint this whimsical beach scene using acrylic paint on canvas. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to paint waves, flowers and a palm tree!  Before we get started with tutorial I have a quick tip! If you want to continue through the painting without stopping make sure you grab a blow dryer so you can quickly dry your paint.

To Paint Along with Me – Watch The Video Below

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colorful beach scene painting with palm tree, flower and wave

Step 1 – Waves

First things first, let’s get some waves on the canvas. I love doing really, really fun simple waves. I paint them on murals, canvas and even porch signs. Using a one-inch brush and a true blue paint. Keep all of your paint bristles on the canvas, and just kept following the original wave line to thicken them up a bit. Using the same brush and some metallic turquoise paint follow the inside of the waves to add a little bit more color. Next grab a chip brush and put both blues on the brush to fill in the waves. You can even add a little white to lighten up the edges.

Step 2 – Palm Tree

Now it’s time to add the palm tree, it is not going to be realistic, at all. Remember this is a fun, whimsical acrylic painting. Take some brown and green paint and paint what is almost like a stack of triangles and fill them in with brown paint. Add a bit more green to your brush to add the leaves at the top of the tree. To add a little dimension to the trunk of the tree grab some gold metallic paint. Take a one-inch brush and add the gold just to one side of the trunk, almost as if the sun was shining on the tree. You can also add a lighter green to leaves to add dimension.

Step 3 – Background

Take some bright pink paint and just squirt a bit on the canvas. Next, get a chip brush to fill in the background. To help dry the painting and add some texture grab a paper towel and just dab the background. Just a note, I should have painted the background first. So, if you are going to paint this then you will want to do that.

acrylic painting with palm tree, flower and waves with supplies used to paint

Step 4 – Flowers

Using a lime green paint and a one-inch brush draw what looks like a frown. Next add the petal, you want them to be wider at the base and go in to a sharp point. Fill the flowers in with the lime green and then add a darker green for some shading. To liven up the flowers a bit, grab some fun purple and blues and a liner brush.

Step 5 – Highlighting and Outlining the Beach Scene

Add a little bit of white to your painting as highlights, in the waves, on the flower and even the palm tree. And last but not least you will want to outline everything in black. This will really make everything pop! Plus the lines are a TON of fun to paint.

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acrylic painting with palm tree, flower and waves

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