We have sooo many paintings available for you to use as a member of Paint Party Headquarters. This adorable cactus painting is one of them and I’m going show you how to paint it step-by-step. Now, if you are a member, you can use this painting for all your paint parties, in person, online and even for art kits! Plus, we already have a bunch of people making money using this painting!

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acrylic painting of a cactus in a flower pot with paint pallett and paint brushes

Paint Your Background First

The background of this painting is a beautiful blue green. I used a mix of DecoArt Americana Sea Breeze Blue and Peacock Blue. Put both colors on a chip brush and just cover the entire canvas. If you want to dry your canvas quickly you can blot with a paper towel or even use a blow dryer. This way you can just continue painting!

Paint The Flower Pot and Cactus

Using white acrylic paint and a 1-inch flat brush you are going to draw a big ‘U’ in the center of the canvas and then just fill it in. Now it’s time to freehand the cactus, I promise this will be super EASY. Watch the full tutorial below to see how I did it.

acrylic painting of a cactus in a flower pot

Paint the Flowers and Add Details

I used DecoArt Americana Royal Fuchsia and a lighter pink. Place one large flower at the bottom right of the pot and in the center of the cactus. You can even add some small blooms to the top of each cactus stem. To really make your painting pop outline everything in black. You can all your details in white paint and black paint.

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Heidi Easley with an acrylic painting of a cactus in a flower pot

Supply List

  • Blank Canvas
  • Blue Paint (Sea Breeze and Peacock)
  • Pink Paint (Royal Fuchsia and a light pink)
  • Green Paint
  • White Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Liner Brush
  • Flat Brush
  • Chip Brush

Watch How to Paint an Adorable Cactus here:

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