I just got back from a trip to New Orleans where I met with my business coach Damon Oates.  It was a fun filled week of learning and teaching. If you know my story then you know I started my business by painting decorative surfboards. While in New Orleans I taught my business coach a few techniques and I’m going to share those technique with you! Here’s how to paint decorative surfboards.

mini surfboards and bottles acrylic paint

Pick Your Colors

Damon had some color wheels available and you can definitely use this as a tool to help you pick some colors. Really though you just want to pick 3 or 4 colors for your surfboard. Now, you’ll need a main color for the outside of the surfboard and some accent colors. One of those accent colors you can use for the stripe in the middle of the board.

Tape & Paint

Paint your board white first or not, you can also leave it natural. Next tape off your center line and this will also tape off the outside of the board at the same time! Paint your main colors on the outside or top/bottom of the board. Now, you can paint the same color for the center line or you can choose an accent color! Then just pull off the tape.

metallic acrylic craft paint

Paint Accents and Name

This is where you can get super creative! You can add anything you want to your surfboard. I love to paint Hibiscus flowers and add a name. I usually add my daughter’s name, Pixie. But you can paint a turtle and flowers or flowers and a name. You could even theme to a holiday like Damon did, he painted his in a Halloween theme!

There are so many possibilities with the surfboards. You can make them in to an art kit, paint them at an in person or online paint party. They even make a great wreath attachment!

decorative surfboards painted with acrylic craft paint

If you are making money at as artist a great way to market your business is paint live on your page. I recently had a commission to paint large surfboards. So, I painted them live on my Facebook page which served two purposes. I was able to grow my Facebook audience while I was painting the commissioned pieces! Not to mention, people wanted to know where to buy them.

If you want to paint your own decorative surfboards text the word SURFBOARD to 817-373-5478 to order a set of 10 surfboards for $40.00 from my dad, Rod Stewart (not the singer). He loves getting orders in from you all!!

Paint along with us here:

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