If you want to learn how to paint sunflowers and create beautiful floral art perfect for fall, then you are in the right place! I love to create beautiful and simple artwork that anyone can do, and this one happens to be my favorite!

For those of you who teach (or want to teach) paint parties, don’t miss this tutorial! Sunflowers are always SO popular at paint parties—in fact, this is one of my most popular designs of all time!!! This painting is really easy to do, and I’ll show you how. You can download the free tracer and complete supply list so you can paint your own!

These sunflowers are the perfect project to enjoy on your day off, or you can host a sunflower painting party instead!

How to paint sunflowers

How to Paint Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of my favorite things to paint because they are so bright and happy. And sometimes we just need to focus on the positive and the happy future that we have ahead of us. I talk about that more in the video below.

These sunflowers are beautiful and easy to paint, perfect for any beginner painter. Or anyone who just wants a relaxing painting project.

Don’t forget to download the free tracer and supply list!

1. Create the Outline

Creating the outline for these painted sunflowers is extremely easy, especially if you use the free tracer I’ve included! You can download the tracer or freehand it.

Before you start anything you just want to get the basic outline down. You can use a neutral color like brown to do this. Or paint the sections in different colors like green and yellow.

You could even do this step with a pencil if you don’t feel confident enough to use paint. The pencil lines will easily disappear behind the paint once you lay done a layer.

sunflower landscape painting

2. Add the Colors

Now that the outline is down, we can get to the fun part, which is filling everything in!! You can start wherever you want and fill your painted outline in.

You can also use whatever colors that you like. I went for the classic yellow flower and green leaves and stem with a brown center. But you can add more detail by adding more colors or just keep it simple.

Great contrasting colors would be orange, black, and red hues!

This is also when you will want to add in the background if you want a background. I kept it simple with a sunset and some added greenery and flowers.

If you wanted to, you could paint a whole field of sunflowers! Or some beautifully green rolling hills in the background.

3. Add Details

Next, you will want to add the details to bring this painting to life. If you want to know how to paint sunflowers one important part is adding the little details.

These will be the added texture to the center of the flowers as well as color variations and highlights. This will help your flowers come to life and look more realistic.

This is really simple and really just comes down to a few brushstrokes of different colors to add depth to your painting.

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