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My daughter recently learned a big a lesson and I learned that I am not very humble and kind when it comes to playing Monopoly with her. We were playing the Star Wars version, which I don’t know what any of those things mean, like a blanket is now supposed to be the utilities?  I was soooo CONFUSED! But, someone told me to buy everything you land on, so that’s exactly what I did.  I ended up with all these properties with houses on them.

Pixie was losing BAD and I was getting wilder and more excited because I was WINNING! She ran out of things to barter and so I asked for a 10 minute shoulder rub. Like, I’m not just gonna win like fake money, I’m gonna win a shoulder rub. By the end of the game she had mortgaged everything had, given me all her properties, owed well over an hour of shoulder rubs and 22 real dollars. All because she kept wanting to play.

wood sign with hibiscus flowers and the words "always stay humble and kind"

When I went to bed I was telling my husband all about it. I was like “You won’t believe this! I won all this shoulder rub time and $22.00!”. He asked me if I was going give her back the money. I said “No, I’m not giving it back. If I give it back, she will not have learned this lesson and she won’t have this hilarious story to tell in 10-20 years about that one time her mom totally dominated her playing Monopoly.”

I was definitely not humble or kind when I was taking all of my daughter’s stuff, but honestly, she’s 14. Plus, we started playing all over again the next day! As she started losing everything, she was like, I’m out! I’m done. We knew at that moment she had learned her lesson.

So, I’m making this awesome Humble & Kind sign to put up as a reminder. I found this piece of scrap wood in the garage, grabbed my new Humble and Kind stencils from Essential Stencil and some white paint. You can get these stencils and stencil brush too, just make sure to use my code TEXASHEIDI for a discount.

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I stained the wood using a Van Dyke Brown wood stain and let dry before I started painting. I added the words first and then the hibiscus flowers. If you are using your stencil brush, make sure you offload first! Basically, you dab your brush in the paint and then dab it on the plate to “offload” some of the paint. Then I freehanded some hibiscus flowers at each end of the sign.

I’m actually working on some flower paintings this weekend.  I’m so excited about it. There are three designs I’ve been contemplating. I finally drew some designs up in my new journal. I use my journal when I’m inspired or looking through Pinterest for inspiration. Instead of copying it directly I “Frankenstein” the design and make it my own. I take tons of different elements and turn it in to something completely different.

wood sign with the words "always stay humble and kind" stenciled on

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DIY always stay humble and kind sign pin for pinterest