Y’all I am FIRED UP! One of my favorite magazines is Success Magazine and the latest issue has Tony Robbins on the cover. I LOVE Tony Robbins.  I actually took his UPW course about a year ago. If you haven’t taken this course just know it is a really great course but very INTENSE! Anyway, I was reading this magazine and I came across an article that was titled “Just Start”. It said “Here’s how you can launch an online business quickly.” Yes, quickly was in bold. Now, here’s the thing, they give you 21 steps! I don’t know about you but I didn’t even read all 21 steps. Those of us in the creative space get squirrel brain and then we can’t even finish reading it. We would probably have quit before getting through all of the steps.

The One Step You Do Need To Launch Your Business Quickly

Reading this article made me think of all of you who are looking to launch your own paint party business. So, I’m going to tell you a much quicker way to start your paint party business. It’s a guinea pig party. Not a party with guinea pigs; more like a test run party. It’s a party with a couple of people, typically friends and family. By doing this party you’ll learn if you like teaching paint parties and it will help build your confidence.

One of the steps the article gives is writing a business plan and securing funding. You definitely do not need a business plan and you do not need to secure funding. There is no need to put yourself in debt to start a paint party business. My business has been profitable for over 7 years and I want you to know, you don’t need to secure funding. It will put you in to debt! Instead, look for grants that may be available. Also, for your guinea pig party all you really need is 50 bucks (for a party of 10). You may not even need that, just gather supplies from your art closet!

You Don’t Need A Website Right Away

Just get started! Eventually, yes you will need a website. Do you need a logo right away? No! A business name right way? No! Get out there and teach! Teach your sister, your child, your friend. Teach someone in your house or via zoom. All those other things will come naturally. This is the one step that will help you launch your business quickly! This one step, not 21!

colorful decorative surfboard with TEXT Me sign in background

Now, let’s think of 2020. What has it taught you? It taught me that life is short and to appreciate what you have. Also, that you have to PIVOT! We took our paint parties online rather than in person. Yes, some people have gone back to in person parties, but there so many that are still doing them online!

Stop Being Scared and Take Action

We need to stop being so scared, take action! Do that guinea pig party. You will eventually get an official logo. I mean, I didn’t have an official logo for Texas Art & Soul until last year! The website and accounting software and all the other things will all come when it’s necessary.

You know, my whole mission is sharing God’s love through art. I love doing that! I also get to teach you how to make money for your family. It’s really important that we always know what our mission is, then every decision you make is in line with your mission.

I talk to my business coach Stu McLaren all about how my business started, how I took my business online and started my membership! You can watch the interview here. You can even join Stu’s FREE workshop here and learn lots of great business tips.

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