Have you ever thought about painting your wooden floors!?!?       

What color?   What style?   Is it possible to make it look shabby chic?   WHY NOT?    

For 2 1/2 years my family lived in an awesome farm house out in the country!   It had huge trees surrounding the property and a massive tree right by our back door that held our tree swing.   My husband hung awesome white lights in the trees.

Sometimes at night we would turn on Jamey Johnson (awesome country singer) and grill out.    I felt like I was at this amazing secret heaven just for my family under the stars and that beautiful tree.

Man, I miss that place!    

Anyway, the inside of the house was so cool.  The floors were pretty beat up so I decided to paint the floor down the hallway.    I googled some ideas on Pinterest and decided to make it look like a rug.

The key to painting a floor was to do it in layers!    Oh, and it helps if you are part gymnast!   You should have seen how many weird ways I had to try and paint something without stepping on another part of the wet paint.

So, if you want to tackle your floor this Fall here are a few tips to get this look!

Step 1:  Paint a solid layer of Turquoise paint – Let Dry

Step 2:  Paint a solid layer of White – Let Dry

Step 3:  Take a sander and rough up the paint so that the turquoise will show through.     Sometimes the sander went all the way through… that’s okay.


Start with your big turquoise flowers and basic shapes and then continue adding layers and details until you are happy!

If you paint your floor please send me pictures!    I would love to see it!

Extremely Grateful,

Heidi Easley