Pixie and I are sooo excited! We are going on a shopping adventure to get all of our paint party supplies for the Paint and Business Bootcamp. We are going to buy all the supplies we need for the bootcamp with a few surprises and lots of shenanigans during the shopping trip. We’ll even show what paints to buy and what to do if you can’t find he colors you need.

How do you get to join us on this paint party shopping adventure?

Sign up for the Paint and Business Bootcamp here.

You will get exclusive behind the scenes looks at us shopping for all of our paint party supplies; preparing and setting up a paint party; and clean up after a paint party has ended. You also get to see the paint party in action as a fly on the wall!

In addition to all the behind scenes looks at a paint party you get to paint a beautiful black and white vase with flowers. You will get the supply list, tracer and step-by-step instructions.

We even break down how you can make money doing paint parties!

If you signed up for the Paint and Business Bootcamp text me here and tell me what you liked most.

To help you get ready for the bootcamp learn how to trace your canvas here.

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