Just a week ago I was teaching a paint party for 12 people at a new venue. I charged $35 per person. Now, this included the all the painting supplies (canvas, paint, brushes, etc). The venue charged each painter $45, now this included wine from the host venue. Basically, I charged the venue $35 per painter and the venue charged $45 per painter. For 2.5 hours of teaching the venue paid me $420 and after paying Pixie and subtracting my cost of supplies I made about $350 in profit! So, yes you can make a profit teaching paint parties and I can teach you how!

Painting party adventure

Teaching paint parties totally changed my life! I remember going to my first paint and sip, it was first year as an Art teacher and Pixie was just a baby. It was a ton of fun plus I did a good job on my painting. I asked the owner about teaching there. The owner offered me $50 for two hours of work. I was BLOWN AWAY and was like, “Sign me up!”.  I eventually started my own Paint Party Business which led to me teaching you how to make money teaching painting parties in Paint Party Headquarters.  You never know where this adventure is going to lead you.

fall paint colors on plate with cup of paint brushes

What to do with your profit from teaching paint parties

I like to have a goal for my money and right now, I’m putting any extra paint party money toward Christmas. This year I want an awesome Christmas for my family and I’ve got some really fun ideas. I have even paid for vacations and weekend trips. Can you believe Pixie and I have planned trips where we would host painting parties while traveling?

You don’t have to just paint on canvas

There are so many different ways you can teach a paint and sip. You can host an in-person party at someone’s home or at a venue, like a restaurant or senior living facility. You can also teach online and virtual parties via zoom and in private Facebook groups.  And don’t forget about art kits, you can sell locally and even ship!

sunflower painting and bottles of acrylic craft paint

I think we sometimes forget just how much money we can make by teaching a paint and sip. So, If you already teach paint parties, or are thinking about teaching painting parties or if you’ve taken a break and are getting back in to you need to hear this. Teaching paint parties is profitable!

If you want to learn how to start a paint party business then take my $15 Paint and Business Bootcamp here. There is a ton of information and you actually get to see me teach a painting party!

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