Do you make decisions and sometimes not follow through?

Do you go through life thinking of what you can’t do instead of what you can do?

I want to share a personal moment with you…

My daughter Pixie was baptized on Sunday, Sept 27th and I couldn’t have been more proud or emotional!


The thing I’ve really learned about my daughter is that when she says she wants to do something she REALLY means it!   Once her mind is made up she is following through with whatever she decided she wants to do.    This event was no different!

She was SO excited!  

Not just excited, but REJOICING!   Before her baptism she was in the church service with us and during the music she was jumping up and down singing.   Now, normally I would tell her to settle down, but I can just see Jesus and the angels rejoicing too so I was not about to stop this party!

As we left the church my husband and I gave each other a high five and said “Well, our parenting duties have been accomplished!  We are all done!”    Laughing, we both know that this is just the beginning!

The beginning to a front row seat of watching her grow with God!    A front row in watching her make good decisions and some bad…. but knowing that we will always be there for her throughout the process.    

I think we can all take a lesson from Pixie and her excitement!   I think we can all learn from her well thought out, always following through, decisiveness & positive attitude.

Let’s follow through on our decisions!    Let’s do the things we tell ourselves we want to do!

Come on Creative People!  Are you with me!!??? 

Extremely Grateful (especially this week!)