Last week my friend Teri emailed me and said…. You are going to want to be a part of this!  

After taking a visit and seeing her vision I KNEW I HAD to be a part of it!!!    Sometimes in life even when you are busy you will work into the middle of the night to be a part of something great, something EPIC. 

I knew this was one of those projects!   Teri is a fine artist and I’ve admired her skill for years.  During this project, I learned how to create bluebonnets, earth layers, massive skies, and painted the LARGEST tree I’ve painted to date! 

It was a blast!   

Music, tall ladders, and lots of fun!   Thankful for this experience and playing a small part in Teri’s BIG vision!  

As I painted the sky I pictured heaven and how I hope God lets me help with things like that. 

For many years I’ve always pictured heaven as a place where I could paint the sunrise or sunset.   When Pixie was little and we would drive to school early in the morning to get the art room ready, we would fight over who got the sunrise painting.    

It may sound weird, but I’ve never pictured heaven as a place to just sit around and eat grapes.  It’s always been this place to worship endlessly and hopefully get to use our talents He gave us on earth to serve in heaven too.   

Extremely Grateful,

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