Many of you may know that one of my first ideas for making money off of art was to sell painted surfboards. I’ll never forget my first booth and how shocked I was that people were lining up to buy them. It literally changed my life! So, you can understand my excitement about teaching others how to paint on a surfboard.

You can watch this video and learn more about how learning how to paint on a surfboard started my entire biz!

painted surfboard and stencil

Supplies Needed to Paint on a Surfboard

I had everything I needed to paint on a surfboard in my new, professionally organized (by someone else) craft room! If you haven’t seen the craft room tour yet, check out the post here.

How to paint on a surfboard
  • Surfboard – this is not a typical surfboard that you would take for a swim. This one is made of wood, so it’s super easy to paint on! My dad is making the surfboards in a smaller, 18″ size if you’d like to order. You can get 10 of them for just $45 plus shipping! Shoot him an email to [email protected] if you are interested. Want the big surfboard? If you are a member of Paint Party Headquarters, you have a template you can print out and cut your own.
  • Stencils – I love the ones shown in the pictures. They are from Essential Stencils, my favorite stencil company! Make sure to use coupon code TEXASHEIDI to get 10% off your order! Here’s why I’m so obsessed with Essential Stencils and why they are a must-have addition to any paint party!
  • Transfers (optional, but fun!) Also from Essential Stencils. Want to learn more about these? CHeck out this post all about what transfers are and how to use them!
  • Paint – Sky’s the limit here. I love doing the background in a blue ombre because it reminds me of the beach and makes me super happy. As these are wooden, I used my favorite craft paint, DecoArt!
  • Brushes – grab a variety of sizes. You’ll want to use a large brush to cover the background
  • Poly – I highly recommend getting the one with UV so they are safe in the sunlight, otherwise they can peel, especially if they are in the direct sunlight in the Texas heat!
stencils from essential stencils

How to Paint on a Surfboard

Again, please keep in mind that these aren’t your typical surfboards that you surf on in the water. Instead, these are made of wood or plywood, so they are painted the same way you would any other wooden piece.

I have several posts dedicated to showing you how to paint surfboards. Here’s a few I recommend checking out for detailed instructions and videos about painting them:

How to Paint Adorable Mini Surfboards – this post will walk you through how to paint the smaller mini sized surfboards that my dad makes. These are IDEAL for paint parties – you are practically guaranteed to sell out if you do this!

How to Paint a Giant Decorative Surfboard – on the other end, this post will show you how to paint the oversized decorative surfboards. This may be a bit more challenging logistically for a paint party, but not impossible. Plus, it makes for such a cool conversation piece you can show off in your home!

large painted surfboard

Watch the Video

Want to see the stencils and surfboard in a bit more detail? Check out this Facebook Live!

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how to paint a surfboard