These paint party best sellers have been clear winners in my painting roster for years! Here’s what makes them so special, as well as free downloads so you can use them too!

What makes art great? Well, ask a friend as you walk through a museum, and you’ll likely have different answers to what your favorite painting is. Typically, art is pretty subjective.

But paint party paintings tend to be more objective. And my attendees seem to have some pretty clear favorites! These paint party best sellers are practically guaranteed to sell out!

heidi teaching a paint party

What Makes These Paint Party Best Sellers So Popular?

Let’s talk about what these paint party best sellers have in common and what makes them so popular. Then, at the end of the post I have free downloads for y’all to use these paintings for YOUR audience too!

1) Easy to Recreate

These paint party best sellers are very easy to recreate. As you scroll through the list below you won’t see any complicated, fussy paintings.

People like things they feel they can do well. It makes paint parties a confidence booster for attendees! Trust me, the last thing you want is for someone to walk away from a party feeling discouraged or untalented.

2) Playful Designs

These paint party best sellers have fun designs that paint party guests love to paint. Sometimes we as business owners can forget that our attendees are coming to have FUN!

2) Trendy and/or Seasonal

The paint parties that sell out the quickest always meet one of two criteria. They are either paintings that are “on-trend”, or they are seasonal paintings, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc.

My 5 Paint Party Best Sellers – Free Downloads!

Now, let’s take a look at my paint party best sellers! As you’ll see, all five of these are either seasonal, trendy, or both! Plus, each of these is super fun and very easy to recreate.

I’m even including a free download for each of the below paintings so that you can teach them to YOUR audience.

1) Funky Flamingo 

What screams “fun” more than a flamingo porch leaner? In the free download, you’ll get the supply list, tracers, and step-by-step instructions to create not only 2 different styles of porch leaners but a canvas design too!

paint party best sellers - 2 porch leaners and a canvas featuring flamingos

2) Raven’s Hollow

Here’s one of my seasonal paint party best sellers. I don’t know about you all, but here in Texas, we start to get really antsy for fall after a long, hot summer!

I have a lot of pumpkin paintings, but this one is consistently a best seller because the design is so simple and unintimidating.

Grab the free download, including a tracer, supply list, and instructions.

Painting of a crow with a pumpkin

3) Spring Bike

This is one of my personal favorite paintings – I’m so happy others agree! This painting is fresh and fun. It particularly does well in the early spring – it’s a welcome addition after the winter months!

The spring bike free download includes a supply list, instructions, and tracer so you can recreate this on a canvas.

Paint party best sellers - spring bike

4) Trick or Treat

Here’s another cute little seasonal painting featuring a bird and pumpkins! People love them. Again, it’s seasonal, trendy, and easy to paint!

The free download for this paint party best seller includes a supply list, instructions, and tracer for a canvas.

Trick or treat bird painting

5) Truck & Tree

I’ve saved the best for last! This is my #1 paint party best seller!! I think the trendiness coupled with the seasonality of this one really helps it stand out.

The free truck and tree download has so much information for you! You can learn how to paint this design and use it as a canvas, wreath, door hanger, or even a commission piece. The sky is the limit with this one.

Texas art and soul #1 paint party best seller - truck and tree

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