Today I’m doing something a little bit different than normal. Rather than show you all how to paint a painting, I’m going to peel back the curtain and show you how I get ready for paint parties! These paint party prep ideas are helpful and really work!!

When you think of a paint party, you usually think of the finished product…the actual painting. Or you may think of the fun music and people having fun, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! So much of having a successful paint party lies in making sure you are prepped and ready for the event.

Paint party prep ideas - choosing paint, picking brushes

Paint Party Prep Ideas

I thought it might be fun for you to see these paint party prep ideas, so you can get an idea of behind the scenes. Whether you are doing paint parties online or in person, the prep is very similar!

1. Successfully market your event.

This is the step that’s most important, and the one that gets overlooked the most! If you want to have a fun paint party, you first need to get people to show up to it.

If marketing sounds overwhelming, it really doesn’t have to be! It can be as simple as sending a text to friends, or more traditional like running ads on Facebook. Need help with getting people to show up? Paint Party Headquarters is the perfect place for you!

hallway with tables set up for a paint party

2. Purchase supplies.

If you don’t already have them on hand, you’ll need to purchase supplies for your party! A basic list of things to bring include:

  • canvases
  • paint – I pre-portion mine into little cups so each person can have their own
  • brushes
  • baby wipes
  • paper plates

There are so many more supplies that are handy to bring too, like aprons and easels. This post has all of my top 20 must-have paint party supplies!

Don’t just buy them and let them sit there until an hour before the event either. One of the most helpful paint party prep ideas I have heard is to pack up all your supplies the night before so you are ready to go the next day. It makes the entire event go so much smoother!

paint party prep ideas - fill individual cups with lids with paint

3. Prep canvases.

I spend a ton of time prepping canvases. I used to skip this, and realized that it made my students 1000 times more confident if they had a traced canvas! It saves me so much time and energy to do it ahead of time.

Tracing canvases isn’t challenging. In fact, I even have paid my daughter and her friends to do it for me! This post goes more into detail about how to trace canvases for paint parties (and why you should).

tracing a pumpkin onto canvas

4. Pick a playlist.

This post is filled with everything you need to know about picking the perfect paint party playlist, as well as a free list I curated that you can download! I practically guarantee everyone will have a blast.

Video: Paint Party Prep Ideas

Prepping isn’t just about shopping and tracing – it’s also about getting your mental and spiritual self ready to teach others the joy of creating! In this video, I talk about the mindset behind paint party prep. You can see me working on tracing canvases too!

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